9 am Brisbane

Vero Moore

The sun was shining. It felt like it was midday. We were up for hours, had breakfast and were ready to move around. No one else was on the streets. Too hot. Too many cars, why walk? And it turned out: too early. Jet lag got us up at 5 am, it was just 9 o'clock... Normal people were not there yet. We had the morning just for ourselves, my two loves and myself. In the sun. Muffling all sounds except the chirping of the cycadas. Feeling like breathing was hard. Or inefficient. As if hot air could not sustain our bodies. Fire on water. I was not shying away from the embrace. The heat already rising up from the earth, as well as coming down from the sky. I was the junction where they met. I was the center. I was the recipient. I was it. Pure feeling. No thought. The sun. And cycadas.

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