An image for a cover of a BOOK


The fact that everybody reads a book means that it is obviously an excellent material. But also, we judge a book by the cover. Why does a book go from “must read” to “don't read”? My theory is that things started to go wrong when the book's cover is confusing rather than communicates the essence of the book's story.

Which, for example, is the best cover for the book "Tales of mystery and imagination" by Edgar Alan Poe. There is the answer below.

 I used to read Poe's books. In fact, that is the raison I know his mysterious and Gothic writing style which the horror is combined with the romance, the superstition, the women in distress and the supernatural events. I think the best cover of the book “Tales of mystery and imagination” is the image that it is below because someone who see this cover can feel fear. As a result, someone can realize that the book is about horror stories. What's more, the reader can see in the foreground a red and withe skull. On the other hand, the background is all black and there is nothing. In the same way, Poe links the colours red and black with the death and the time. Undoubtedly, this image is the symbol of the death. Therefore, the cover's image is a key to understand one of the symbolic meanings of the Poe's tales. Unfortunately, the death is part of each of us. Consequently, no one can scape it. For example, in “the masque of the red dead” the prince Prospero tries to avoid the death by walling it out but he learns that it is impossible.

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