An interview with Laura, from “The garden party”


AN INTERVIEW WITH…a character from the book The garden party : LAURA in THE GARDEN PARTY (Katherine Mansfield)

Talk show host: Thanks for joining us today, Laura. We know that you were more sensitive, compassionate and empathetic than the rest of your family. For example, when you knew the news of the man's death, you felt a connection with the lower class. So you were the only person who thought the garden party must be stopped. Why didn't the party stop? As finally the party took place as planned.

Laura: Well, firstly I would like to say I asked to cancel the party as a sign of respect for Scoot, a poor neighbour who had just died working as a carter. But my family refused to cancel the party because it was outside Sheridan's education practices.

Talk show host: So,  how did you feel when your mother said that your proposal of cancelation was absurd?

Laura: Well, I felt strange from my own upper class but I thought the family's behaviour was the consequence of a conventional Victorian education that they learned.  One of the adverse effects of this education was class distinctions between the upper and working classes. However, someone who had lost their loved one didn't want to heard sounds of a celebration. So, I attempted to dissolve class boundaries when I tried to cancel the party.

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