Data mining by Google or Facebook to target their users


It's no secret that Internet collects user data to analyse for targeted advertising. For example, nowadays the Internet is an important part of the education process as many students use free web tools like Google Apps for Education. So, through  data mining the company Google is gathering relevant information to profile the users. It means that when these users are login on the company knows everything that they look at on the Internet. This information is used to build a model of them, so is useful for the purposes of marketing and advertising. When  users go into the Internet, they will be targeted with ads.

Actually, this massive data collection by Internet is a duopoly between Facebook and Google. Obviously, the collection of data via apps including information like location, gender, age, hobbies, career, interests, relationship status, possible weight and income, which target customers, has a negative repercussion in our society because this action violates privacy.

Another negative consequence is that some of these ads are things like fast food or junk food which are less healthy, or like drugs and gambling which are dangerous.

And finally, we have to consider how well the data is protected from hackers and another bad people, taking measures against hacking threats. In relation to data security, Google has developed Save Browsing which is a service to enable safe internet usage. Hopefully, there have been some legal actions to regulate the sharing and collection of data which are the beginning of  properly regulating the Internet privacy.

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