Dehearticulated puppet


I'm choosing that day

A special one, they say

For special needs', I say

To say, from me, get away.

Today an artist saved my life

My rifle had you in range

You could have been my wife 

Now a sculpture is my revenge.

On top of this wild boar

You look ridiculous

Symbol of my best friend's shore

The effect is stupendous

Twelve years is enough

Time wasted in a plough

Of condemned Valentine lovers

No doubt now, it's over.

For you there is no more desire

Cause I now love a true heart person

A shame, really, that you inspire

Nothing but a lost diamond

I dreamt some dearticulated puppets

Heartless, it showed your inner self

Now I can hear the death trumpets

For you as a dusty souvenir on a shelf.


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