One of my drunkest night

Back in China

When I met you

My first but also my last match on Tinder


In this hotel located on the City of Dreams

Everything makes sense now

I was gambling with my best friend

Wining, drinking, loosing

This way


Came back to my suite

Drinking Jack Daniel's in a glass of wine

I called that the Chinese way


I meet hookers downstairs

Few more drinks brought me to this nightclub

Looking for what

Looking for some company


I found you

You came to the City of Dreams

Picked you up at the reception

Wasn't walking straight


More drinks when you got to the room

Live sex on Facebook

The sun is rising

You and I in the king size bed with my best friend


The morning is here

You folks are doing your own stuff

We are all naked

I got a headache


Checking-out later

Going to the Venetian Macau

Then we leave you behind

In our limousine


On our boat to Hong Kong

I am sick

We miss you

Our first experience with a transgender

Can't be forgotten

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