One of the funniest moments in Soho – London



One of the most hilarious moments in my life was about two years  ago when I moved to Soho which was the area of central London where you could find jazz clubs like Ronni Scott's as well as artists and musicians. As soon as I arrived, I was so attracted by the freedom which Soho offered as it had always been a place where  rules were overlooked.

So one day, I was walking in a street of Soho with my friend when we saw an unexpected man who was running down with no clothes. Immediately, we thought that he could end up in the back of a police van. Therefore, everybody who was there applauded this man as if he was a character of a film and Soho was the stage. When we were aware of this funny fact we burst out laughing. After that, none of that mattered anymore so we went in a strip joints of Soho where we couldn't stop laughing when we saw what happened in.

  • Seems to be a very nice place... Never been! I wish I could go some day! Soho... Jazz Club... interesting.

    · Ago almost 2 years ·


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