10 cool words that don't exist in Englisn


Last 7 March, Time website published an infographic about ten words that don’t exist in English and lack in Shakespeare’s language.

This is the occasion for us to discover those words.

  • Pana po'o : Hawaiian word. To scratch its head to remember something forgotten.
  • Kabelsalat : German word. Set of tangled up cables. It literally means “salad of cables”.
  • Gurfaù : Arabic word. Quantity of water that one can hold in its hand.
  • Age-tori : Japanese word. To be worst looking after the hairdresser than before.
  • Magtampisaw : Tagalog word. To walk barefoot in the mud.
  • Gulseong-gulseong : Korean word. To be about to cry.
  • Zhaghthagh : Persian word. Teeth chattering because of cold or anger.
  • Palegg : Norwegian word. Means everything that can be spread over a slice of bread.
  • Badkruka : Swedish word. Someone who is afraid of swimming in an outdoor pool.
  • Chantepleurer : French word. To sing and to cry at the same time.

Some of those words don’t exist in English yet, so if you have any ideas …