WeLoveWords proposes a certification service

Protect your texts in a few clicks


Justify the anteriority of your texts


A simplified online deposit


A legal proof: the WeLoveWords certificate


Lifetime protection

  • 6 certificate
  • 6 € per certificate
  • Buy a certificate
  • A certificate activated at any time.
  • 40 / 10 certificates
  • 4 € per certificate
  • Buy this pack
  • Get a pack of 10 certifications activated at any time.
  • Subscription
  • 15 / month
  • Unlimited
  • I subscribe
  • No commitment. Suspend your subscription at any time.

Why protect my text?

As a reminder, the protection provided by both national
and international legislations about literary and artistic property applies, in principle, to any intellectual work of truly original content.

No formality subordinates the recognition and exercise of rights by authors on their work. However, it remains difficult for creators to prove the date of creation of their work if, prior to
any disclosure or use of it, no further precaution has been taken. Several companies market this service, through a physical paper deposit that is often expensive and binding, as well as time-consuming.

How can WeLoveWords help me ?

The WeLoveWords online deposit is a material proof for its owner, guaranteed by a certificate and a digital print for each document. Certification is valid forever, with no need to renew it. We have defined four types of offers, corresponding to four different profiles of members. Click on the offer that best suits you, confirm your payment on our secure page, then rush to the text you want and protect it. It's easy and fast!

Need more information?

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