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*WeLoveWords * is a digital house exclusively dedicated to authors. We welcome you, publish and distribute your writing, your texts and all the words that you have entrusted to us, whatever the form of writing is. All the writers wishing to join the ** ** WeLoveWords community of authors are welcome and can create their account and their author's mini-site for free.


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Publishing and sharing would be pointless if WeLoveWords did not enable you to read and be read by numerous authors and readers who all belong to a same community. Our reading committee, our wide range of partners and clients will also share your writing. Get known and read by a large audience of fascinating and fascinated members through writing, reading, commenting, meeting, communicating and sharing content.


Certify and protect

WeLoveWords ** ** offers a digital certification service to authors, whatever the form of content submitted to certification is. Documents are certified and stamped so as to guarantee their integrity through an " electronic footprint " that is sent to you by e-mail and for which we keep a backup.Your content is certified and your rights are protected!


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*WeLoveWords * - exclusively dedicated to authors and written content - informs you about the rights and duties of authors, new forms of writing, literary events, readings, formal trends, etc.. *WeLoveWords * is also here to support, advise and make community members improve whenever they want to!


Join contests and paid assignments

WeLoveWords invites you to join regular writing contests in order to be edited or published by one of our partners.

We also invite those of you who wish to participate * in * paid writing assignments to access our professional service: The Wordshop. We will keep in touch to produce written content for our clients. The access to the Wordshop is free after filling in your WeLoveWords profile and mentioning your interests.

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