1. Register, edit and share my profile

How to sign up?

Joining WeLoveWords is very simple. On the site homepage, click Register, enter your email, choose a password and then click OK. You will receive a confirmation email shortly later. Click on the email link to confirm your registration and join the site to fill in your profile. Beware, if you do not receive the confirmation email, make sure it is not in your junk mail box. Please note that you can also subscribe via Facebook using the "Facebook Connect" system. To do so, log in to your Facebook account,open the WeLoveWords home page, click Register, click on the "Facebook Connect" button and follow the instructions.

How to fill in my profile?

To complete your registration, you need to fill in your profile. You can do this any time from the main navigation bar, through the Edit your account link located under your name. "General Information" and "Details" have to be completed fully. It only takes a few minutes. To join the Wordshop program, you also need to complete the "References" section. We advise you to be as specific as possible. We deserve your confidence, since no personal information is sent to third parties.

How to share my public page?

Authors and editors, your profile may act as an online résumé. In order to use it, you can copy-paste the url from the page "My public page" (welovewords.com / monnomdutilisateur).

How to manage notifications?

WeLoveWords will never spam you. That's why you can choose to receive or not our notifications. There are two types of notifications: the ones you get on your WordSpace (your personal space within the site) and those you receive through email. For both types, tick or untick the relevant boxes to make sure you do or do not receive our notifications.

2. Read, enjoy, comment and report a favorite

How to read and discover published texts?

On the site homepage, you can read all published content by clicking on Texts, except documents that have been specifically registered as private by their authors. In the left column, you will find the latest publications. The middle column is a list of favorites selected by the community. WeLoveWords' daily highlights are in the right column. To read a text, click on its title. Click on the author's name to read all public texts available per author. For a specific type of text, click on text type. You do not need to join WeLoveWords to read texts but you need to join if you want to rate or comment.

How to appreciate or rate a text?

Once a member of WeLoveWords community, you can rate all public texts, ranging from 0 to 5. To rate a text from its page, drag your mouse over the hearts in the right column until you reach the good rating. Then click on the heart. The average rating and number of contributions can be read by clicking on Details, below the five hearts. Please know that the average rating is not always immediate. Thus, we advise you to refresh the page. Only one rating per reader is taken into account but it is always possible to change it. The latest rating will not be considered additional.

How to comment on a text?

Once a member of WeLoveWords community, you have the right to comment on public texts. Write your comment in the space provided below the text and click on Send. Your comment is immediately published. If you wish to, you can feed the wall of comments by clicking on Reply, below comments. If you want to modify or delete your comment, click on the Delete window below it. Make sure comments are relevant and respectful of all authors. For further information, please read our general conditions of use.

How to choose a favorite  and why?

Selecting a text as a favorite is a way of telling its author you have particularly liked it. Moreover, it also is the fastest way to find it easily, since favorites are accessible in the right column of your Wordspace, with a specific link. Finally, on your public page, all your favorites will be listed, as well as your texts and files. Your favorites show who you are and allow visitors to unveil your tastes and your universe.

Can I delete a favorite ?

You can easily delete a text that you have previously listed as a favorite. Once connected, you just have to open the page of that text and click on the Delete Favorite button, located in the right column. If you make up your mind, you can click back on the favorite button for texts you really like.

Can I select my own text as a favorite?

Yes you can, but it is not highly recommended. Indeed, the primary function of this selection is to highlight as favorites other texts written by the community's authors. In addition, self-congratulation is often poorly seen by the community.

3. Publish, share, edit my texts and documents

How to publish a text ?

To publish a text, you must be registered and connected to WeLoveWords. At the top right-hand corner of the main navigation bar, click on New text. Fill in the space provided to type the text title and a brief description of it. That short description will appear under the title of your text in lists and other search results. Then click on the body text box and start writing. You can also copy-paste a text from a software, like Word for example. Once your text is ready, in the right column, you must specify its type by using the Document Type menu and assign an image to it by clicking on Change cover. Then simply select the best image.

How to modify my text ?

To change a text, click on the Your texts link located under your name, in the main navigation bar, on top of the page. Then, in the list of your texts, click on the title of the text you want to modify. After logging in, you can also type the title of the text you want to change in the search bar to find and open it. Open the text you want to modify by clicking on its title and then, in the right column, under its cover or its illustration default, click on Edit this text. Make any change you want and click on Save in the right column. Careful with certified texts! Any change in a certified text will delete its certification.

Can I sell my texts through WeLoveWords?

Yes, you can direct your readers to a corporate site where they can buy your texts. You simply need to fill in the website link in the right column when you write a new text or edit an existing text. Right of it, a Buy button will be visible by your readers. After clicking, readers will be redirected to the page corresponding to the specified link. Please note that WeLoveWords provides this service for free, with no commission. We deny any responsibility for the act of purchasing itself - cf. our general conditions of sale and use (TOS / TOS).

Can I write a text without publishing it?

You can choose to write a text without publishing it, either because its content is confidential and you do not want to share it, or because the text is not yet fully written and you want to keep working on it before publishing. In both cases, the best solution is to mark this text as private. You can open the text any time and publish or keep working privately.

How to report a private text?

WeLoveWords helps you distinguish publicly visible texts and private ones, only visible to yourself. On the page of the text you are writing or by clicking on Edit this text under the cover of any of your texts, find the Visibility box, in the right column. Click on Public or Private depending on your choice. If your text is being written, we advise you to mark it as private until it is completed. For some contests, you will be asked to send a private text so that other participants cannot read it.

Can adult content be published?

It is possible to publish adult targeted content on WeLoveWords but you have to mention it. When you are on the page of your text, from the New text link or an existing text via the Edit Text link, tick the Adult content box proposed under Visibility, in the right column under the text cover. Readers have to indicate their age and can only have access to adult content made public by their authors.

4. Protect and certify my texts and documents

Are my texts protected on WeLoveWords?

Publishing your texts on WeLoveWords does not protect them automatically. We urge you to protect your writings before publication. We have developed a tool for online certification, simple and affordable, allowing you to protect your texts in a few clicks if you want to.

How does the WeLoveWords certification service work?

The WeLoveWords certification is a patented and legally guaranteed system that digitally timestamps texts. Each certified text is linked to a digital key that is sent to you or can be downloaded at any time in your WordSpace. This digital key acts as proof of deposit and anticipation in case of dispute. To certify a text, simply go to the "Certification" page and buy credits. Once you have credits, please open one of your texts, click on Edit my text in the right column and Certify this text. Then follow the instructions. You can opt for an unlimited subscription to the WeLoveWords certification service. Our system helps you certify as many texts as you want, without any restriction.

Can I modify a certified text?

Please don't, because it would inevitably nullify the certification. Indeed, when you certify a text, you certify a specific writing at a specific time. If the text is modified, whatever the changes like its type or visibility criteria for example, the system considers it as a new text. We advise you to certify a text when its version is final. If you write a new version of your text, we advise you both to keep the initial certification of this text to trace its anteriority and to certify the new version.

5. Discover and get WeLoveWords badges

What is a badge?

In WeLoveWords, badges epitomize authors' skills, their special talents and some characteristics of their writing habits (reactive, night hawks...). The objective is to qualify the community, to make it more readable, to highlight the specific qualities of each and reward the work and efforts of our member authors - there is obviously no negative badge. Specifically, badges lead to visible icons in the right column of the "Public Page", under the photo and personal relationships.

How to get the WeLoveWords badges?

Most badges are automatically granted, including those related to activity on the WeLoveWords site - published texts, participation, networking, contest results. Others are validated by WeLoveWords team after checks, such as some specific skills self-reported on the member's profile. We invite you to consult the badges page for further details.

6. Follow and get followers

Why and how to follow another member?

Subscribing to an author member of the community is the best way not to miss writings and actions by this WeLoveWords author. It is very useful: you may know each other, you might be friends or you want to pay special attention to the work of an author that you do not know yet. A member you subscribe to may also want to subscribe to your work in return. Subscribing to members' work will therefore allow to build connections with them. To affiliate with members, go to their public page and click on the Subscribe button set under the picture.

How to unfollow another member?

At any time, you can stop following community authors. Simply go to the member page and click on the subscribe button under the picture. That will delete your subscription. In case of error or second thoughts, do not worry. By clicking on the button again, now showing Subscribe, you can subscribe back to authors.

How to get new followers?

To get followers, we advise you to be active on the WeLoveWords website. Please read, enjoy or comment - but always constructively. In addition, you should also publish texts regularly and interest the rest of the community with them. Generating interest is obviously very subjective. We also invite you to follow authors who, in return, might be tempted to follow you.

7. Join WeLoveWords contests

What is the use of contests and who do they target?

Contests allow all members to join frequent writing sessions organized by WeLoveWords editorial teams as well as our numerous partners. Sponsors can be creative industries - publishers, labels, production companies ... - Institutions, media or brands. The writing contests are often launched exclusively on WeLoveWords and target all the community. They allow winning author(s) to get their work edited and/or earn money. All contests are rewarded. Contestants do not have to join the Wordshop program to take part.

How to enter a contest?

In the main navigation bar on top of the page, click on Explore and then below on Contest. You will discover the ongoing competitions you may still join. Click on the contest you are interested in to find out all the details and then click on the Join button. Then, you will have the opportunity to write a new text or submit one of your existing texts to the contest. Once your text written or linked, click OK to save your participation.

Can I delete or modify my participation in a contest?

Until the contest deadline, you will be allowed to delete or modify your text by returning to the contest page. Click either on Delete or Modify below the "Your participation" frame, at the bottom of the page. In case of modification, you can choose to modify the written text or to link a new text. Do not forget to click OK to save your changes.

How to know contest results?

Contest results are published almost simultaneously on the "Contest" page, by clicking on the Contest Results link, on the WeLoveWords blog, as well as on our social networks including our Facebook page. If results do not show publicly, they might still be processed and about to be published. You will often have to be patient, proceedings can take time.

8. Join the Wordshop program

What is the Wordshop?

The Wordshop is both an online tool for individuals and/or companies to order written content and the WeLoveWords technical answer to employ authors/members for the production of ordered content. Concretely, our partners and clients specify their expected written content on YouLoveWords, which is a business-oriented site. If members belonging to the Wordshop program on WeLoveWords fit the author/editor profile wanted by clients, they will be mentioned the opportunity to join a writing project in their Wordshop space. Members then decide to join or turn projects down, after being clearly explained the business conditions (deadline, salary...).

Who can join the Wordshop program?

If you are an author, editor, journalist and you are interested in paid work, we invite you to join the Wordshop program. The further access to paid contributions will depend on your experience, your profile and the WeLoveWords badges you have been granted.

What kind of missions can be proposed?

Our partners and clients are multi-sectorial, like brands, institutions, media, creative industries ... Therefore, they have a wide range of needs and demands. They may order short content - one or two pages - to feed a website or blog, or longer content. Some needs may be recurrent. So, if clients are happy with productions and turn to WeLoveWords regularly, authors/members may have to work for clients on a regular basis.

How am I paid for each mission?

Except for very short content - catchphrase, slogan, pitch - or very long one, missions are generally paid per sheet. The price sheet depends on the mission itself (its specificity, its level of complexity), on the volume of content or the negotiated delivery time. Payment per mission is always and systematically specified in the special conditions of proposed missions. WeLoveWords loves authors. So, you will never find underpaid writing assignment .

How to join the Wordshop program?

To join the Wordshop program, log in to your account, click on Edit your Account under your name in the main navigation bar of the site. Then, in the "General Information" main tab, check "I agree to join the Wordshop program". For your registration to be properly taken into account, make sure you answer the "Detailed Information" and "References" tabs. Without further information and specific knowledge of your skills, we cannot submit your profile to our clients.

Am I forced to accept the proposed missions?

No, absolutely not. You will continue to be part of the Wordshop even if you refuse the missions, because they do not fit you or because you do not have time to join. However, if you accept a mission, you have to produce the written content you have been employed for in due time, in accordance with the Wordshop terms and conditions. The conditions mentioned in the employment contract must be respected. In case of non compliance with your commitment, no more missions will be available.

What is the difference between "single author" and "multiple authors" missions?

A mission can be individually sent to you and you alone, because we have recommended you to our clients or because they have already worked with you and wish to do it again. In such a case, it is a "single author" mission. If clients request several authors/editors, it becomes a "multiple authors" mission. Clients will then select the content that best suits them. According to negotiated terms, the authors/editors whose contents have not been selected will be compensated or not. The type of mission - "single author" or "multiple authors" - and the negotiated terms are always specified by clients.

Is my identity revealed to clients?

No, clients do not and will never have access to your identity. We send them a pen name composed of a name and a number, allowing clients to identify and call you on other projects without ever contacting you directly. Skipping WeLoveWords and getting directly in touch with Wordshop clients is prohibited. Members who do so will be excluded from the Wordshop program.