Badge me, I'm famous!

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Dear authors,

Badges are not only used to reward you for your activity on the website, but also to highlight your personality and help us to know you better.

Whereas some are automatically allocated according to your activity on the website, others are manually given by our editorial team.

As you can see on the dedicated page, badges are classified in five distinct categories:

  • Community: If you are loyal to WeLoveWords since its creation, Pioneer or Historic badges are those who define you most. You will obtain Premium badge if your profile is correctly filled in, with your links, references and a photo or a picture representing your world.

  • Talents: Your favorite fields can be represented by a badge. For example, you are an expert in fields such as fashion, luxury or travel. Then a t-shirt, a diamond or a plane will be put on your public page.

  • Influence: In addition to your activity on our website, you are also active on social networks. A Twitterer publishes in a systematically way his texts on Twitter and mentions our username. And a Facebook King is fan of our page, regularly likes and comments our posts, and shares his texts on his own page.

  • Hit list: We reward you for your participation to our different contests through Competitor badge. If you won one of those, you will receive a Winner badge in addition to your rewards?

Also, please know that the decision of giving a manual badge is made by our editorial team and it cannot be requested. If you have any questions about badges, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks to all of you for your activity and your enthousiasm on our platform.

See you on WeLoveWords !