How does the private message system work?


Dear authors,

You can contact your subscribers without going through comments and preserve some of your conversations from others.

How does it work?

You want to contact one of your subscribers: go on his/her public page and click on “send a message” on the right below his photo. A window will open and you will be able to write him a message.

Your subscriber will be informed of your message by mail and also by a notification in his/her Wordspace. To consult it, he will have to click on “read”: the conversation you have started will open. Like the other notifications, you can choose not to be informed of a new message on your Wordspace or by mail, or both.

You will have access to all your conversations through your Wordspace by clicking on “Your Wordspace”, or on bubble tab.

Please note that you cannot write a private message to a person who is not a subscriber of yours.

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We wish you a great discovery of the messaging system and see you very soon on WeLoveWords !