How to organize my texts?

Archivage documents

Dear authors,

It is said that you are tidy, that you want everything to be in its right place, and that you wish for everything to be classified according to its theme… Then you might like our file storage system.

You can now easily store your texts in specific folders in order to find them more easily, and classify them by theme or publication date. For example, you can store your poems in one and only folder put your texts for a WeLoveWords contest in a same folder.

How to proceed then?

  • If you have already created a folder, you can click on the text you want to store, then on “edit the text”. “Add this text to a folder” mention appears below on the right of your text, you can click on it and make your decision, then “save”. If you have not created a file yet, click on “create a new folder” option.

  • You have never created a folder: click on “create a new folder” mention in the “edit this text” tab.

To find your files list, you just have to reach “your texts” page and to click on “folders”. The number of folders you have created is also given.

Please know that you can also create a folder with texts of other members. If you have especially appreciated a text of one of your subscribers, don’t hesitate to make a special folder so you can store it.

Like a text, a folder can be modified. By clicking on “edit this folder”, you will be able to change the illustration of the folder, the title and the content. Also, you will be able to organize your texts the way you want.

Don’t hesitate to share your folders on Facebook or Twitter by clicking on the icons.

We wish you a great discovery of this functionality!

See you on WeLoveWords!