How to perfect you profile?


Dear authors,

In our new –super– version of WeLoveWords, you have the best seats.

This is why we matter a lot that your author profile is correctly filled in.

It is an important step to the extent that your profile, if it is well filled in, can be highlighted by our editorial team with our partners and our readers. Also, thanks to given information, we can propose you paid missions of writing that actually fit you.

So to help you out, here is a little guide of things you will have to do:

  1. Fill in your biography in an informative way, highlighting your experience of both author and reader.
  2. Choose an avatar that suits you.
  3. Put your references: it is important for us to know if you want to participate to our writing missions, if you have already worked as an editor for a newspaper, a fanzine or a blog, or if you have had your novel published.
  4. Publish as many texts as you want.
  5. Choose pictures to illustrate your texts the best. Remember that there are websites full of copyright free pictures.
  6. Develop your reader and author friend network.

Thank you in advance,

And see you on WeLoveWords!