Share your texts

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Hello everyone,

You can share your texts with your subscribers not only through notifications and messaging, but also with a dedicated function.

You may have noticed the** red icon** on the published texts of our platform, below Facebook and Twitter blue icons.

When you click on it, a window opens with two distinct fields.

  • In the first one, you can enter usernames of subscribers you want to share texts with. We chose to limit sharing to 10 recipients in order to avoid any excessive spam: if you want to send it to more subscribers, then you have to open another window.

  • In the second one, you have the possibility to write a message. Don’t hesitate to explain to your subscribers why you liked the text and why they might appreciate it.

Then a conversation starts with each of your recipient with a link redirecting them to the shared text in attachment.

Remember that you can share your own texts, but also those of other members to your subscribers.

We wish you a great discovery of this new functionality!

See you on WeLoveWords