Nestor Barth

Désapointé, réconforté.

I was suspicieus about my wife. Is she unfaithful to me. Am I mistaken or
not ?
One day, before lunchtime, I came back home earlier unexpectedly and
saw my wife, naked in our bed.
I immediately searched the horrible unscrupulous man who took the liberty
of lying on my own sheets.
I could not find anybody inside the flat but outside the 15 th floor's condo.
I saw somebody hanged up at the edge of the terrace. I took a hammer and
hit strongly his fingers. He cries and shouts, let go and falled inside the
oak, some 30 feet underneath.
But the guy was still alive. Bastard !
With a lot of efforts I carried out the fridge from the kitchen to the terrace
but in trying to raise it and let it fall down over the wall to the tree, I had a
heart attack.
Next morning, I woke up in a hospital bed. All is white in paradise.The
doctor came along and asked me to tell the whole story. At the end the
doctor laughed so loudly that I found him very odd.
The day after, I saw another fellow bedridden besides me. Doctor said this
one is in a very bad condition and does not hope to rescue. He asked the
guy to tell what happened. He explained he was painting outdoor his 17 th
floor terrace of his condo when he falled down but fortunately suceeded to
grasp the edge of the terrace two floors underneath. He kept screaming for
help when a gentleman crushed his fingers with a hammer.
Doctor laughed loudly. Stupid No?
Next day, a third guy was then bedridden into the third bed of the room
Doctor asked him to tell what happened.
We could understand from his distorted words that he was naked inside a
fridge and didn't follow what really happened to him. So cold, so dazed.
 OK, I know enough about, said the doctor.
You will agree with me or not, I was so glad to meet new friends to soothe
my misfortune.

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