Gender equality in sport


It is true that women rights has improve as, for example, sports is a human right  according to UNESCO, but the gender gap is not close yet. Even the founder of the modern Olympics believed in stereotype threats like women are less strong physically than men.

In US, the statistics shows that almost half of athletes are women but they are invisible to sports media.

As reported by the Women's Sports Foundation, the men obtain more money in sport scholarship than the woman.  We find the same situation when the institutions spend their budgets in female athletes to recruiting and to get scholarships.

So today gender stereotypes persist in women's sports, as women athletes receive lower levels of media coverage and financing, even though the increasing of their reputation.

We can see an example in the last Women's World Cup soccer final so, although it was the most seen soccer competition, the women were less rewarded than their male equivalent.

In conclusion, gender stereotypes are a social issue, so it concerns to woman and men to break the barriers. We have to change our society for a new generation of girls. We should refute gender discrimination in sport, work and life. Women and men should have the same opportunities in all fields.

Related to this topic, I remember the 2007 Australian Open Tennis Championships, which gave equal price money for male and female winners. It was encouraging, because men have taken more money than women in rewards, until this event.

When I was child I spent my childhood days doing figure skating, which is a sport where women were performing because there has been more women figure skating doing this sport than men. I liked my figures skates with a set of jagged teeth called toe picks which I used to execute movements such as jumps and steep sequences.

I'm absolutely convinced that the better way to promote women in sports is when a woman excels in a “male” sport because it changes the norms and gives the opportunity to next generation to participate in sports where theirs mothers  could not.

American tennis star Serena Williams,  describing the key to her success, said, "Luck has nothing to do with it, because I have spent many, many hours, countless hours, on the court working for my one moment in time, not knowing when it would come." (Ranked 81st in the world, Williams defeated topranked Maria Sharapova to win the Australian Open.25).


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