Let Go


Beijing 28 January 2020 ... According to my calendar!

As I was still recovering from the big disappointment in what I thought back then was my biggest professional opportunity. I, and almost as at every beginning of the year, see an enormous chance for new starts, no matter how difficult was the previous year and how unsatisfied.
I had to go for a few days to a new place for me to figure out what was next. But mostly to plan my dream trip, the one awaited for so long.
Started with witnessing an intercultural marriage, bounding and loving, testing boundaries & beliefs, and having the best unplanned night as a forever memory. Influenza heat in the country I'm residing in, and a story ended before it began. Now I am prohibited from going to my favorite coffee shop, to see him again one more time, and living a daylong nightmare fearing my trip gets canceled.

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