My King, My Queen - Part One


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Let me tell you a story of love that took place in the early 15th century, in the kingdom of Bourgogne. It is story about a King and Queen, late in their lives. Though they had been together for so many years, it really was a love affair that had lasted. And to be still so passionate about one another so late in their lives is a testament to how strong their love had endured.

From the first days, through all their years and even right until the end, their love story was not your typical fairy tale. Far from it in fact. No fancy romantic ideals, no tying each other in chains. What they lived was an adventure.

Perhaps the reason for this success was that both were quite extraordinary. She was the daughter of a rich baron. An important status but nowhere near as high as he, who was the son of the king within the kingdom they lived.

The young gentleman who would become king in this story grew up following the rules laid down by his family. He was expected to be married off to a princess or duchess of another kingdom. An arranged marriage to create an alliance with a powerful neighbour. But when he was 16, he lost his father and became King himself and from there he started to assert his own destiny.

The young lady who would become queen, was fiercely independent thanks to her father, she was adept with a sword by the age of 14 and had become a well-recognised master of arms by the time she was 20. Her family tried to find her a suitable lord or count to marry, but she found them too far beneath her, not only in sword fighting but equally in her other passions too. She was quite tall for a woman, had dark hair, brown eyes and – from all her outdoor activities – a toned skin, rare for someone from a rich family.

When the two met, she was in her early twenties and the young king barely out of his teens, and he was astounded by her sword skills, at least equal to his own. For her part, she was pleased to have found a man equal in swordsmanship to her. And was even more pleased when he invited her to be master of arms at his castle, which she accepted without hesitation. Once at the castle, the young king would train with her regularly, considering her the best swords person within his kingdom. Through this, they slowly discovered that they shared many other passions, both being very creative.

The King's assistants continued to search in vain for a suitor for him. Once a young princess of the king of France came to spend time at the castle. The young king spent his days courting her. Our young sword lady spotted them in the garden, laughing and giggling like little girls. Oh, how cruel life can be she thought. Why was she born in such a lowly status? The only man she ever really respected, and his status was well above her own. The young princess she observed had it all, being of unparallel charm and beauty, it would seem. Never mind, who needs a man anyway?

For his part, there was a moment where he offered his sword to the young princess of France, the princess was shocked.

“Surely his gracious majesty does not expect one to hold such an un lady like object?” she objected. A few days later, she was gone, and he was glad of it.

No sooner had she left that he spoke to his assistants. “I have now met many a lady that you have presented to me and yet none of them have lit my fire.” He then talked about the master of arms.

“Oh her?” one exclaimed “She would indeed make a fine suitor to a baron, a count, or even one of your knights….”. The young king could barely hide his disgust.

“I am not looking for someone for her, she is more than capable of doing that herself, I was thinking of her as suitor for me…” his tone slightly annoyed.

“Oh, sire, you are king, and you may take any lady as you wish to be your mistress….”

On the outside you would not have known about the rage boiling inside him. Inside ‘they seriously expect me to put the proudly independent lady in a cupboard as my mistress?' he thought. He had seen his father do the same. Oh, what such rotten rules we humans make and are then forced to live by them.

“Good gentlemen,” he asserted “I do believe she would make a fine queen”.

“My king you are free of your choice, but never forget the choice that you make must also be for the good of the kingdom.”

“Indeed, good gentlemen, indeed”.

There was no point discussing this further. In any case, he knew this proud sword lady would be quite capable of refusing him and he had no desire to confine anyone to a life of misery. But break the ice he must. So, he decided to propose the question to this lady, master of arms, or as he would say, master of everything he enjoyed, during their next training.

And train they did, and it was during a sword disarmament that he suddenly dropped to his knee and held out a rose. With a flash, she disarmed the rose from him as well, thinking at first it was a dagger before seeing it for what it was.

They both laughed heavily, they both looked at each other before she said, “My King… you are offering a rose to a lady well beneath your status. How can this be?”.

The king replied “My good lady. Why do you think you are beneath my status? I have only ever seen you as my equal, even better in some ways…. And over time, with the moments we share, I have fallen completely in love with you…. And while you are not obliged to do so, would you become my queen?” He paused as he watched the lady consider.

“My King… and that charming princess who left yesterday…. The princess that all the court are talking about…”

“My Lady, charming as she was…….” he stopped to choose his words before continuing “she was…. beneath me!”. They laughed a little.  Still on his knee, he softly smiled and even looked a little nervous but deep inside he just wanted grab her, hold her closely to him and be passionate with her. He could easily do so as King, but he respected her.

“My… King….” With tears nearly flooding into her eyes. How was this possible? The only man she ever found to be her equal, King of the entire kingdom, wanting someone well below his status, here now making a declaration of love to her to become his queen. But the gaze between them grew stronger and more intense between them and they began to draw closer to each other. Their faces became less formal, a wry smile appeared on her face. To him, she was so beautiful, smelt so wonderful and yet stimulated his mind like no other. He could feel the fire being lit.

He stood up and they held each other's arms before he said softly, “My Queen” and then suddenly passionately grabbing and embracing each other. And as they began to explore each other, it was the start of their loving adventure. 

To follow...

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