One day at night

Nestor Barth

Texte anglais d'une mésaventure amoureuse

One day at night
I walked on a path, heading to the bench along the lake where she and I
decided to meet.
I should know what she felt because she engrossed my soul and my heart
since weeks. I loved her and I‘ve been waiting so long to cherish the
feeling of her hand caressing mine or, still better, a glance of beaming
It took place during last year's fall. I walked down the path in the darkness,
a harsh wind whistling through huge beeches, pushing the clouds away,
discovering the lurid face of a round moon.
I was shivering and felt as tiny as falling leaves. In my mind I already saw
the picture of two of us, sitted on the bench and fastened with a clasp.
The bench was empty ; I sat down and waited.
Suddenly, a grating sound started me, a sound like feet crushing leaves.
I distinguished a ghost then herself, with a delighted face. She withdrawn a
soft hand. She belched out :
– May I introduce to you George, my husband ?
I did'nt see the fellow, hidden behind her. He came forward extending a
harsh hand to shake.
She wore a red cap that hid partly her languishing eyes but it was that
short-waisted trousers of her that betraid a defiant attitude, for sure to
embarass both of the two men we are.
Her eyes became fiery so I was nonplussed.
She wanted to hurt, so I thought what to do.
Therefore decidedly, my tight right fist knocked right in the middle of the
husband's nose which splashed blood all over Malova's white blouse.
Wonderful. Really marvellous scene.
They screamed but I did'nt care at all.
Fancy, I did'nt shiver any more, I was happy, held out and proud of myself.
I turned round, took to my heels back home.
I recovered from languishing as quick as an aspirin for headaches.
Next morning at the office, I saw Malova busy on her laptop. She stood up
and faced to me with her big boobs under a red shirt ( sewed with her
kitchen curtains, for sure) and a short skirt that showed her long and
slender legs, all what usually make my heart beat fast. But imagine
nothing happened. Rescued from heart harm, no more thrill, no quiver. I
laughed out loud when I saw her black miserable eyes. The husband did
the job for me.Nice pal, after all..

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