Resurrect from nothingness


Come suddenly one hero, A gentleman of rightness. Push far away the sorrow, A tear dried by tenderness. Break through the protective shell, A wall upraised by distress. Rescue from the despair’s well, A mind numbed by emptiness. Heal softly a broken soul, A wound forged by soreness. Embrace again like a fool, A lust roused by eagerness. Rekindle a burning flame, A heart hardened by coldness. Feel quickly the blood in veins, A heat caused by liveliness. Welcome the blessing of love, A joy sparked by hopefulness. Hear again the songs of dove, A sound greeted by raptness. Believe in a better end, A life blessed by happiness. Resurrect belief in self, A worth wiped by scornfulness. Find lastly the rightful path, A poise tinted by kindness. Erase the faults of the past, A fate freed by humaneness. Wonder at the earth’s beauty, An awe sublimed by piousness. Carry durably the glee, An aim carved in endlessness.
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