See you next morning in Austin, Texas

Mat J

Hailey Tuck est née à Austin qu'elle a quitté pour la France. En ce moment, elle entame sa tournée de chanteuse - jazz.

See you next morning in Austin, Texas

Drink streams of iced tea and honey beers

While watching the waves from Colorado exploded just front of our toes

And climbing and jumping over the wooden benches

To avoid to walk on the pavements as everybody do.


The sky could be pink or purple,

like the one you had on the walls of your room

and I could be mad,

like the certainty of having experienced everything but no memories.

See you next morning in Austin, Texas

As I have been dressed few years ago and for the upcoming days,

As we were young, kids, oblivious and closer

Dreaming about old french singers with no color on their dresses

Ooooh so long Hailey.


And then, you just told me: « See you next morning in Paris. »

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