that my will be done said the hummingbird

Eric Varon


That my will be done said the hummingbird

We are nothing let everything ,  just say the monkey blue

A garden must exceed emotion
To be a golden bee, for drunken nights
Ideal softness without sting
 Biting our souls more than our butts
Piquant for  our reason
Renounce his faith to place above
Venus lacerating nails for porn
Sensuality fulfilled without screaming bitch
Very pretty eyes to the edges of despair
Between fragments and cloud
Morning dew still somewhat anarchist
What awaits the lover guitars
Union infinite random snippets
Clothing slightly unbuttoned urban convict
I get on the boat orchid
What cloud waiting message,
The passage of wild geese
Only the moon floods the Montparnasse station
The flowers are scattered
With the wind at will by the same water shared thoughts
Two separate sorrows
and this just boredom chased
The eyebrows are back in the forefront
While the heart gnawed

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