The phones we love too much


The article “The phones we love too much”, written by Lesley Alderman, deals with the issue of mobile phones interferences in our lives, showing that these devices  interruptions have negative effects in love relationships.

We are so dependent on our phones like a relationship that we always carry them with us and we are constantly checking them.

And we are passionately attached to them because they find us useful information, they keep us amused and they allows us to communicate with other people, so we don't stay alone.

However, phone love can go overboard so it can tamper with the face-to-face human love.

An answer to a positive relationship is to stay in the real-life as when a partner check constantly the phone, the message leaved is that it is what really matters.

Research has shown that mobile phones have negative effects on woman relationship because their partner teste or answer a message during conversations.

We are starting to know this issue but not the solution. However, we are open to news ways.

The behaviour of people is changing now as when they are in a meeting with other people they swift off their phone.

If you feel that a smartphone interfere your relationship, you can talk to your partner in a positive way like that you love spending time talking with him but this is difficult with mobile interruptions. So the beginning of the issue resolution is consciousness.

Do you own a mobile phone? If you don't, why no?

Even though I have my own mobile phone, I don't spend my days glued to it and to a social media account. In others words, I'm not hooked on my smartphone that I think it's important to limit my digital life in order to spend my time doing things that really matters to me. For instance, I'm an avid reader of books so I find time to read. Instead of spending the weekend on my smartphone chatting with many friends on Facebook, I prefer visiting art galleries or attending a rock concert.

Similarly, when I'm eating out or spending time with my friends, I switch off my mobile phone, so I'm not contactable in this moment. It meant having a whole time for me to relax with my friends and no one can disturb me.

Consequently, I'm not a nomophone because I can survive a time without a mobile phone and I don't feel an overwhelming desire to check my text messages when I turn off it.

On the other hand, my mobile is very useful when I'm going to be late as I can warn my friend.

How has your mobile phone changed your live?

My mobile phone has changed and improved completely my live in a significant ways.  For instance, I can be able to send a short written message that allows me to communicate instantly with my friends and family wherever they are. Besides, a text messaging is cheaper than a phone call. In the same way, I can communicate with my family or friends calling them with my mobile phone.

On the other hand, my mobile phone has transformed my life in ways that can have some negative effects on physical health and personal relationships. For example, I'm constantly bombarded by bells and buzzes that are impossible to ignore. So, I felt that I'm spending far too much of my time doing things that don't really matters to me.


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