Some details about the home page

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Hello everyone,

We would like to share with you some further details concerning the new homepage.

A 100% editorialized Homepage.

First of all, we have decided to editorialize the whole homepage with: - The last hot picks of our editorial team, which is particularly mindful of style, quality, texts originality, and texts illustrations. We remind you for this last purpose that there are lots of websites full of free pictures and copyright free - A Place emphasis on authors from the platform which allows you to be known by other members of our community and to gain more readers. We remind you that it is important to fill in your profile, references, biography –few words about you– and to put a photo of you. Also, we are waiting for you twice a week on our blog to discover the “Author portraits” column. - Highlighting our on-going or recently achieved contests. - Highlighting our last blog posts.

Also, this brand new Homepage aims you to discover and use more functionalities as the search, sharing, subscription, or the functionalities of your personal wordspace.

Wordspace, a space to share and to discover

In addition to your personal information, with the Wordspace you are informed in real time about the activity of your subscriptions. This allows you to discover new texts, and also new authors you may want to subscribe to.

You are able to find: - Your very favorite texts - Comments on your texts - Your messages - Your new subscribers - Last texts published by your subscriptions

But you also can see activities of the people you have subscribed to. This option is meant to enrich your exchanges and interactions with the rest of the community. So, you can see your subscriptions’: - very favorites - comments - ratings

Our answers to possible questions and remarks

Will the new system still value my favorites as it did before?

Instead of appearing on the Homepage, favorites of people you have subscribed to will appear both in your public page and your subscribers news feed.

A favorite still has the same « value » : it allows you to show your subscribers that you liked a text. It is especially meaningful since your favourites are a correlative of those allocated by people you have subscribed to. And they are, by definition, people you like to follow, whose texts you like. So they are people whose tastes might be the same as yours in both reading and writing.

How to find last publications of members from the community?

In one click. You just have to click on “texts” in your navigation bar, and you will directly see all the recently published texts.

How to adjust my notifications’ volume?

Naturally, you can choose not to be informed of your subscriptions activity. For that purpose, you will have to set it in “edit your account” and then on “notifications”

To not be informed of : - Publication of a new text : unmark “new text” - Comment left on a text by a person you have subscribed to : unmark “new comment” - Rate allocated by a person you have subscribed to : unmark “new rate” - Hot pick allocated by a person you have subscribed to : unmark “new favourite”

Please know that we have been, and that we will always be very careful of your remarks. We are working to rise this website as a space of meetings, discoveries which values your writings.

The WeLoveWords Team