Blue sky


I am the lover of a love at the bottom of a well
The one who makes rhyme stars
With disasters
The one that seeks a hidden rose in the nights
Within dreams I dreamed my loveliest days
My love I will always love you
Sometimes I'm afraid to die without having lived enough
I do not want to be crazy
I do not want to be wise
Everything fades
There will be a new sun where sejourning
The planets will continue to rotate
Everything will fall in the well
A well where everyone falls
The glow of the planets on my grave
Everything fades
I will look for you in the night
Black dreams
I would put flowers in your nightmares
To remind you that beauty exists
I will shout I love you
Sun of suns
You are among my black butterflies
My most beautiful ghost

I will free myself from my chains of flesh
Black black black nightmare color

I want to see the clouds at wake
I want to see the storms at sleep

I will reinvent lyricism
And the chimerical stallions

I will cast a lantern in the darkness
To find you
I see the planets turning
Do you shine under one of their gleams?
I will follow this black bird in the depths of woes
I'll be under a blue sky bluer than blue skies

A sky that has the color of your eyes

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