Confused Animals


That day was as banal as any day, as it was called a Wednesday

Lying to my colleagues about a girly lunch date

I was running away to my emotional survival help mate


Just before I'd leave my you-never-know-if-they-will-eventually-end-up-hiring job, at noon

To go discuss my ever-trembling conscience and tiring dreams about becoming an incessantly bursting balloon

A project manager told me about the killings of cartoonists in a French magazine

I said it was sad and left without realizing

Such things don't usually happen in the Parisian bubble we live in 


I was the first one telling about the sad story to my psychiatrist,

(If I may call a spade a spade, a doctor, a "lack of self esteem" physicist)

Using it as an introduction subject to the expensive sessions I pay no matter the risks-

Of ending up with no money on a side in case of workless days I could fall in.

We kept talking as I evacuated the worried pollution out of my soul

So I can keep believing I'm here for a reason and here to navigate to a better shore,

So I can finally own my life, and build it an engine and a door, a wheel and a stable floor.


Days passed on and the drama kept further reeking

Lost boys like guns in the very wrong hands of vicious psychopaths kept killing

They kill “religare”; they kill people, they kill understanding

They kill trust; they kill freedom of non afraid thinking

They killed themselves… but were they ever really living


As I walk through a new year, smoke through new days meant to be living,

I think to myself, minorities will keep hating, hidden crowns manipulating.

Debts will be claimed by the respect starving successors of raped ancestors

Victims will keep praying to super-heroes as they believe enemies are existing

And made-up saviors will require sacrifices for the coal lies they'll keep offering.

Debts will be paid, but to those who've always been receiving

Past will keep yelling at the present, as future will run away as the coward it's always been.

“Program or be programmed” will be written on the books of generation z makers teens

But as long as they think “bad guys” exist, they'll never find out what shared responsibility really means.

Or do they already see things with the new eyes we'd been wish-listing ?

Not from Google's glasses but from santa claus or god, or good karma's selfless givings.


No matter to which horizons our universe is expanding

Men may be confused animals but they were poets before they knew about talking or writing

Frustration, cruel illness of our species, came in one "flesh and spirit" package, with its own antidote

Love experts with-a-consciousness will design open source temples revolutionizing our methods 

The walls of schools will come down, so learning can flow through the air and the veins of children, 

"Grannys will jump into Sugata's clouds" and let the summer joy of fulfilling explorations raining.


There will be a Higgs Bozon gluing us together to our common goal 

Telling each soul the one thing worth being known !

"Your mission on the surface of this earth is making yourself… most definitely happy"

So you can connect your meaning full self to the necessary unlearning efforts of crowd therapy.

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