« Fear »


          That's not juste the fear of the empty, of the lonelyness. It's stronger than it. That's the fear to be anable to get out of it. Of this silence, of this shadow.

          Looking for nothing, lost in the dark, I'm blind. Seneque told : “Life is not to wait the end of the storm, but to learn to dance under the rain.” I've danced under the rain. I've danced on the edge. And now I'm falling. A free falling. And nobody can catch me. Because I'm alone.

          If someone hears me in all these calls, come to me. I drown in my regrets. One and only one can save me. Why is it so hard to understand ? I feel missing my person.

          No hope allowed anymore. Over all the butterflies, over all my scars. Beyond blades and tears. My life is leaving me.

          “Please don't cut.” I would like to. So stop. I give up. It's too late to save me anyway.



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