Sven Wandel

The first person narrator is at the official launch of the new Twingo in Berlin. While he takes a seat in it, his thoughts wander around and make up an exciting scenario.

1)There it was, looking like a time machine to me. I couldn't figure out why. Maybe it was the looks, somehow similar to his grandparents, but modern, stylish and sporty. As I looked around the fresh and modern interior, everything went quiet. Nobody was talking or moving anymore. They couldn't, because time had stopped.

2)I was shocked.  Both my and the Twingo's clock were stuck at 10:30! So i turned on the radio, but there was only silence. This somehow sent shivers down my back so I did the most natural thing to do at a launch event: start the car and switch on the heater.

3)"Hm, I started the car already, why shouldn't I take it for a test drive?", I thought to myself. The only problem I saw was getting outside: I had not more then nine meters to turn the car and get through the main doors. It turned out that this was no problem at all due to the small turning circle the Twingo has. Perfect car for the city, this little fella!

4)As soon as I was on the open road, I noticed that I'd better turn off the heater: it was 32 degrees and sunny. So I took out my Phone and connected it to listen to some reggae music. And of course: open the folding roof! The perfect combination for a hot day in Germany's capital.

5)Through the opened folding roof I saw one of Berlin's landmarks: The TV Tower.As it was such a nice day, I had the brilliant idea of shooting some photos of the Twingo in Berlin from up above. Finding him was easy, the bright, flaming red made it stick out from the rest of the cars!

6)Pictures taken, I went out to find some rural roads to cruise on. That's where I discovered another heritage: the little Twingo has many ingredients of the good old R5 Turbo: Rear wheel drive, nimble and agile chassis, a turbo engine... I was just floating through the bends, feeling like Jean Ragnotti!

7)I got more and more confident with the car, I went sideways around hairpins and huge paddles and still my red Twingo did everything I wanted in style and perfection! And then, suddenly there was the ultimate chance for a movie fan to do the coolest stunt ever:  Jumping over the back of a car transporter!

8) I was mid-air, adrenaline rushing through my veins and I heard my heart beating: Badump badump... Strangely the beats came from my right side so I looked there and saw him: a member of Renault's presenting team, knocking on the window, asking me why I was sitting in the car making engine noises! I had drifted into my own fantasy world. Seems like I'm obsessed with this car!

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