Helter-Skelter (50+ Little Sonjotkas With Comments) – Abridged!

Ivancho Jotata

This is English translation of poetically-prosaic collection of 50+ shortened (to 11 lines) sonnets, spitting at our messed transition to democracy, that for 30 years can't end; the verses are retold.


JOTATA–ATATOJ. HELTER-SKELTER (50+ Little <i>Sonjotkas</i> With Comments) – ABRIDGED!. 2020



Made For All Bulgarians
    HELTER-SKELTER (50+ Little Sonjotkas With Comments) – ABRIDGED!    



     This is English translation of poetically-prosaic collection of 50+ slightly shortened (to 11 lines) sonnets called Sonjotkas, that are spitting at our messed transition to democracy, that for 30 years still can't finish, with analyses of bunch of questions, and with propositions for bettering of the messes (if it is read carefully). Translated exactly is only the translatable, i.e. the prosaic, part, where the verses are retold without rhyme, but they take only about 10 % of the whole material, so that in this way it is rendered in a perfect for initial acquaintance form. In the original the title is "Driving through the millet" what is idiom for doing something utterly non-carefully, but I hope that for English reading audience "Helter-Skelter" sounds good enough. The manner of the verses is free-boulevard, with Botev's sarcasm in many places, and of the comments is philosophically deep, i.e. this is not plebeian negation of everything, yet the book is addressed exactly to the common people, hoping that they will try to show a bit of reason, before to come to nihilism and run abroad. Because the democracy, however bad it is, can be bettered from below, if the population succeeds to show that it has at least a tiny amount of brains.

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(50+ Little Sonjotkas With Comments) – ABRIDGED!






(50+ Little Sonjotkas With Comments) – Cut to about 15 % !

By Jotata - Atatoj, 2020

     [ Abstract: This is English translation of poetically-prosaic collection of 50+ slightly shortened (to 11 lines) sonnets called Sonjotkas, that are spitting at our messed transition to democracy, that for 30 years still can't finish, with analyses of bunch of questions, and with propositions for bettering of the messes (if it is read carefully). Translated exactly is only the translatable, i.e. the prosaic, part, where the verses are retold without rhyme, but they take only about 10 % of the whole material, so that in this way it is rendered in a perfect for initial acquaintance form. In the original the title is "Driving through the millet" what is idiom for doing something utterly non-carefully, but I hope that for English reading audience "Helter-Skelter" sounds good enough. The manner of the verses is free-boulevard, with Botev's sarcasm in many places, and of the comments is philosophically deep, i.e. this is not plebeian negation of everything, yet the book is addressed exactly to the common people, hoping that they will try to show a bit of reason, before to come to nihilism and run abroad. Because the democracy, however bad it is, can be bettered from below, if the population succeeds to show that it has at least a tiny amount of brains. ]

     [ The idea for illustration of the cover is the following: a chariot drawn by three … lions (they a present on our coat of arms), which goes through a field sown with millet (according with the title in Bulgarian and the corresponding idiom for destroying in a rush of the done), so that it has to be seen that this is millet, but the whole chariot is not necessary to show, only the 3 lions, part of the seat of coachman with him, and raised in the air whip. This has to be with dimensions 450 x 450 pixels, because I use 525 x 725 for the very cover and then multiply by 3 (where necessary), and above is the title and the author, and below is this picture in a frame. ]




     Sonjotka 00-th

     Sonjotka 01-st

     Sonjotka 02-nd

     Sonjotka 03-rd

     Sonjotka 04-th

     Sonjotka 05-th

     Sonjotka 51-st

     Post Scriptum

     Post Post Scriptum





               SONJOTKA 00-th

     Amidst our stupidity solid and dense

     a next thought patriotic shined

     in the head of Jotata, to serve

     jokes cheerful and compromising.

     Sonjotkas light, and with comments

     about our eternal messes democratic

     prepares he, and will throw them out in a jist

     before guys, children, virgins, or ripe women.

     Because those, who by us remain,

     can't continue for ever in this deadlock,

     they must pose questions before themselves.

     Comment: Well, this will be also like Foreword to the collection of verses, because here everything looks in the same way: a verse, a comment, and again the same. The idea about this book as if jumped in my head in the end of 2019, in any case before the finishing of my "Mammyland", yet from the very beginning of 2020 I occupied myself with another book (and under a different name), and had also a pair of other things on which I worked, so that at that time I dropped the idea (with just one verse for a sample), but around the "Great Day" (how we call the Easter, and of the great 2020 year — which, as it turns out, will now be remembered chiefly with the Corona pandemic) I decided at once to switch to the "Millet", at least as verses. For some days I wondered how to proceed, either to comment at the moment of writing of the verse, or at the end after all verses, and I choose to finish first all verses and then to make the easiest, the comments, not for other reasons but because at my 70 years I often forget things, and if the work will continue for a pair of months I will begin to repeat myself, more so without whatever plan for the collection, just so … spitting on the move, from my heart! And it turned out that everything went well, where I wrote 52 * 11 = more than 550 lines for about only 10 days, in numbers and words, a crazy marathon, and now I have only to write all comments, where I will have no problems, just that they require time.

     OK, and why I named them Sonjotkas? Well, because they are like the sonnets, but I have cut out one of the triplet, so that they are written very easy, just so, until I scratch, how is said, my dick, and at the same time there is some "jota" in them, plus that they are shortened [because the ending –'ka' in Bulgarian is for making of diminutives in feminine]. In general, the name turned out to be a bijou, and the title, "Through the millet" [more or less like "Helter-skelter", something done in a rush, crushing other things that have been done before], is a bomb [how we say], this is perfectly suitable for our absolutely incompetent, vulgar, and so on  transition to the democracy. Then the form of the verse is very simple, if we mark the rhymes with Latin capital letters then the sonnet is such: AABB CCDD EFGEFG, or ABAB CDCD EEEFFF, although there are other variations; so, and my sonjotkas are AABB CDCD EEE, what is very good, because this final triple gives didactical, instructive sounding at the end, something like Spanish "olé", and the change of rhyme in both couplets freshens the things, shuffles them.

     [ And now it becomes necessary to provide a way for citing of Bulgarian, as well from other languages, words, and in the manner how they are pronounced, because I use many jargon words, modify and invent new ones, and so on. So here the key point is one widely met by us vowel, which is like in your "girl" (only not elongated), and which I will mark as 'y', what may be called i-bulgaro, instead or i-greco. Then with single quotes I will give the reading. Also 'j' will be used for softening of the consonants, while 'h' will be for hardening, and together with this 'j' will be used for making of diphthongs (like in may-'maj'), and 'h' for prolongation of vowels; plus that the usage of 'ch, sh, zh' must be obvious. What, apart of everything else, says that the sonjotka is read exactly so, 'sonjotka' (because I am surely not 'Dzhota' but 'Jota', how is the very letter 'j'. ]

     Also I decided that the length of them (with the comments), has to be such, that they can enter into one double sheet, what in .doc format by me is a lying (landscape) A4 sheet, divided in 2 columns imitating pages, and the whole amount of the comments will be about 3.5 КВ chars, at maximum 4 with the verse [but here this may turn to be a bit longer, because of my additional explanations for the readers in English in such square brackets like these].

     What else? Ah, about the topics and the style. Well, when from the highest state instances they pay no attention at me, then what else remains to me except to spit at them, what they wholly deserve (you look at the notorious Open Letter). All of them up to a single instance, in the Parliament, in the Presidency, in the media (newspapers and TVs), and in other places (even a pair of Churches). Because, look here, if I only spat at them, then surely would have found at least one of them to snap at me, but given that I argue in such details, and in 4 languages, and proposed them a new party, NAPUK, and elaborated a bunch of things, then nobody dares to say even "ah", or "but" to me. But let him (or her, or it) try, this will just give me new material for discussing, and for exposing us in bad light before the world, in foreign languages, because, as I said this several times, the weaker has no other weapon left except the irony and sarcasm, and before as wider as he can make it audience; when in my country nobody wants to publish me (even the media!), then I do this abroad, I have become an Internet emigrant, in order to maintain my tone in my old years, so that I am thankful to the people, to our nice, barbarian little nation, at the very top, yet also at the bottom, of course. Well, enough for the beginning, and I have also filled my allowed space.

     Apr – May, 2020, Sofia,  'Blygaria', European Union (at its end)


               SONJOTKA 01-st

     Why did You, God, give birth to me in Bulgaria,

     and when You did, then why did not put reins on me?

     Because people with conscience like me, miserable,

     must be used else to cleanse … toilets!

     This can be a toilet of the Parliament,

     where can smell of … mint/* —

     because they cheat us, or of the President,

     who drinks tee with guests, and then … pisses.

     But what can one like me do alone?

     The democracy met by us with problems,

     because ours are Augean stables.

     [ * Here hides a pun in Bulgarian, because the herb mint is 'menta' and to deceive is 'mentja', and the Parliament is also some 'menta'-mint.]

     Comment: Exactly so, if I have not been born in Bulgaria, would I have begun to spit at it? And now I have my spittoon, I beg your pardon, what is a cultural utensil, from somewhere before a pair of centuries, when people liked to spit at the floor (most often after they have chewed tobacco) — so that then and now people in most cases fight with the consequences (the spitting), not with the causes (not to chew tobacco). And because Bulgaria as a whole, from the top and to the bottom (although about the bottom I do not speak here, yet I have some experiences), has insulted me, absolutely undeserved (read my Letter, you can choose a language, maybe in order to exercise it, because my translations are pretty accurate and belletristic, if we don't count one or another typing error), so I return it back to it, everything is right. And don't forget also that I, as having lived on the East and on the West, for more than a pair of months, can compare the things, I am not some John Doe [we say 'Sulju or Pulju', what is not exactly Doe, it is a nincompoop] (if you happen to know him, because I have only heard about him).

     Yet I not only spit, I also praise, because, look, you see that I deserve to cleanse toilets, but nobody sends me to such work (I personally suppose that, if they send me to such place, they must then also feed me, and my daily ration, together with the medical and other cares, will surely exceed my still under 4 bus tickets daily pension, to the moment of writing this), but in some countries they have sent intellectuals to do exactly this, in one China, f.ex., neither in concentration camp, how have done some other countries before certain time. So that I, naturally, thank really knee-deep for the cares of our fatherland to such unnecessary (obviously, for what else are they good, except to spit?) intellectuals.

     Then the Talking House, sorry, Parliament, obviously, is engaged with producing and spreading of 'menti'-lies, at least in a figurative meaning this is clear. And I would have cleansed with pleasure the toilets there, yet the people don't take me (because I may begin to spit also in the toilet bowls there, could one be sure that I will not do this, if I will have this opportunity). And not only this, but, from the point of view of my educational qualification, with my 2 and 1/2 tertiary educations, got from 3 different countries (to say nothing about my 3 and 1/2 foreign languages, which I use in the moment — because the money is decreased proportionally with the knowledge, right?), not only I will be dissatisfied with these kind and cheerful (i.e. grinning on their photos) elected persons, but they alone also (because they probably have on the average less than 1 higher education, they have to be people from the masses). With what I do not want to say that we must be governed by intelligent persons, God keep me away from such capital error, under democratic conditions the common people can choose only persons with their intellectual level (or, occasionally, lower), no, I am just heaping words, in order to fill the already set by me volume of comment.

     And what concerns the President, whoever he can be in the moment, I don't know him at all (and also do not … want to know him, because I don't vote, there's nobody for whom to vote, but let this be our secret), so that I have no intentions to insult him, I simply suppose that he can't drink only champagne and cognacs, this can endanger seriously his liver, neither only coffees (this burdens the heart), while cups with tea are healthy, as well with natural like with verbal, especially the latter. And I mention the word "pisses", because it is used by our whole population, and if I say dehydrates or defecates then my common readers can not understand me, and imagine that I say something insulting for him, but in this way it is clear that in the natural necessities there is nothing insulting.

     And I am writing all this in order to help our democracy, because it, really, met with serious difficulties, like also those of us who are leaving (have left) it.


               SONJOTKA 02-nd

     Our country was not gilded,

     but it was also not much bad,

     and the older brother with a best eye

     looked at us: Bolgaria, oh, well!

     Because is clear: alphabet, language,

     with Cyrillic letters 'zh', 'ch', 'sh' — bijou!

     More liberal, warmer, like in a … slipper

     one enters there — that's what I'll tell you [in Russian].

     Yet we have demo-soared,

     have turned our sights to the West,

     and have landed directly in the … mud!

     Comment: Well, this is something that all of us know, but I have not said that will write only unknown things, I am cheering the people like folk's bard, so to say (I create myself image, because the entire Bulgarian public turned its back at me, so that I am just forced to whiten myself somehow, be it even with jokes), and for this reason sometimes I can squeeze some funny word here and there for the sake of rhyme.

     So that our country was not, and as if has never been gilded (I beg priest Paisius of Hilendar [he has written one History Slavonic-Bulgarian in 18-th century] to excuse me), but was with the highest reputation among the Russians, what is impossible for me not to know, because I have lived for 4 and something years there back in my time; we were not able, and have never been able to compare us with the socialist countries from Central Europe, like Poland, Czechoslovakia, not to mention the GDR, we were better only than Romania (yet I may be wrong, because in some aspects we were better, but in others were wide behind them — f.ex., they made personal cars, while we have never managed to do this), but the Russians simply respected us much higher than the others. Anyway, as I said, this is obvious, because only in Bulgaria there were no Russian troops, but to be looked at with the best eyes by the older brother is not without significance.

     Then this, about the alphabet, it is clear, and even can be (and must be) stated that we use it much better than them, we have 2 letters less, have clearer phonetics, and so on (I suppose that will come again to this question), and, if you will excuse my strange rhyming of language with slipper [because it is so, in Bulgarian the words are 'ezik' and 'terlik'], then by us is, naturally, warmer, our country was more free than their, Russia was more lumbering, more inert (due to its enormous size). So, and that from time to time appear some Russism, well, Jotata is such guy, Russophile, he is ready to stick to it like a spread with butter piece of bread [what is a pun of a kind, or telling that this -phile is the same like in our 'filia'-piece-of-bread, or also Latin filial] (I mean, when it falls on the ground, what, as you know, happens always with the buttered side to the floor). (And if you can not grasp why I stress with italic on some words here, you can wait to appear the prepared by me humorous etymological book "Jotolmach", or something of the kind [it is already published but in Bulgarian], where I explain a heap of words from many languages.)

     But we, naturally (what else can be expected from a barbarian, sorry, nation), decided already with the first steps of our democracy, to turn our backs exactly to the Russians (about what I will continue in the next "point"), and headed to the West, with brains pecked out by gulls from UDF [the notorious right-wing even not party but coalition], applying the model of judgment of the frog from that fable (or just saying), that when the bull is strong and shod, then it is necessary for the frog also to be shod, and with the new (bull-) shoes it will become strong like it (or, rather, him). I beg your pardon for this worn-out comparison, yet it is such only for me, and to the young generation, which has no basis for comparison, this may not be known, they may think that it must have been done so, that we have to look at the West (for to avoid the Sun shining in our eyes, ha-ha).

     And looking at the West, and aiming only at it (even if it is rotten etc.), we, quite naturally, landed directly in the mud, plopped there, and moved neither deeper (not that this was necessary), nor out of it. What reminds me one old anecdote, that they have asked Radio Yerevan whether Bulgaria has reached the bottom, and the answer was that, yes, it has reached it, and then they asked further, well, and what does it now do, and the answer was that it … keeps digging deeper! By us the sinking down into the mud stopped, really, with the introducing of our Money Board, yet as recompense for this it simply fixed us at the bottom, froze our currency and the salaries and the evolution and everything that could be frozen, and become something like state within the state. So that here can't be said like in the proverb that there is no bad without good, no, here the opposite is true, that there is no good without bad! Well, but if it has not happened so, then would have I had the possibility to spit at our democracy?


               SONJOTKA 03-rd

     To turn our backs exactly to the Russians

     can happen only if we are silly nation!

     Because they have not been neighbours to us,

     to have the right to take them for … man-eaters.

     They have wanted to set a foot, or a boot,

     on this peninsula, like Khan Asparukh;

     but why must they deprive themselves of this boon?

     Yet they are not people deaf to our mourns.

     While the NATO-people, without bravery,

     don't give a damn about our fate,

     but we can't grasp this with our mug-heads!

     Comment: [Here are many jargon words and puns, so that the translation is not pretty accurate, yet the idea is this.] Well, here I will begin (for change) from the end, clearing first these underscores at the last but one line [which are not given here because of the pun], which have to be read as … [and there is no need to do exact translation, because I use one idiom for this not giving a damn, which is literally that something is as if at a distance longer than the "cock", and so on].

     Then I go to the beginning, but this is continuation of the theme from the previous sonjotka, which I will discuss also in the next one, namely that for to turn our backs to the Russians [who, in addition to the Slavonic language and alphabet, have freed us from the lasting nearly 5 centuries Turkish yoke — this is not a trifle that can be forgotten] can be explained only if some gull has pecked out our brains, like our people say [this is an idiom]. But, look here, everything has to be observed in comparison and in this case we have at least at once … crapped our pants [said circumstantially], became used to look at the West, and the further on the West the better, and more better if directly at the US (like some persons have done in the literal meaning, have gone and settled there, what, anyway, is something else, this can happen), while one Ukraine (that some underbred Bulgarians — I just don't know why — rhyme with the mother to be … you know what [here the pun is that the curse ends on 'majna', what makes perfect rhyme with 'Ukrajna']) decided to do this with a delay of 20 or so years. Id est, there are stupider nations than us (because, f.ex., we can list the Romanians, who are Latins, not Slavs, and who, as I said, did not give a damn about the Russian language, the Poles and the Czechs are Slavs, but they for more than 10 centuries do well with the Latin alphabet, so that are used to it, and they had also other reasons, the Stalinism there has wiped out, literally, a heap of people), we are not alone such silly guys and girls, the Ukrainians are worse than us, hurray, gentlemen democrats!

     Yet don't forget that the neighbourship is very important, who live next one to the other (I wouldn't have said like ass to ass, no, this isn't in my style), they have about what to quarrel, have common border, it has always been moved, in this and in that direction, where our "border" with Russia was the Black Sea, that has always stood on its place. So that we have no reasons to take them for man-eaters [which word just rhymes with neighbours in Bulgarian] (or for wild Asian country, like I personally have heard in my time to be called by one former colleague). Well, naturally, but exactly because we have no reasons to make some stupidity, exactly because of this it is interesting to make it — right? —, in order to assert ourselves, so to say, to react, to provide actions!

     And that the Russians have wanted to set foot on the Balkan peninsula, like also the Turks, later the Germans, now the Americans, and so on, this is clear, but exactly this has done also one Asparukh /Isperikh quite a long time ago, so that this is in the nature of the things. Then that the Russians are not deaf for our mourns (like some other nation, the first NATO one, that does not give a damn about us) I think is obvious, even if they have fought for us not only out of fraternal feelings, but because some King of them has made them to, who has had some interests of his own, to set foot on this peninsula, to put at least his little toe of his left foot there. While when we are speaking about the NATO people we can without bravery say some bad word about our mugs [there is Bulgarian word of Turkish origin, I suppose, 'chutura'-empty-head, that rhymes perfectly with 'bravura'-bravery, as also with our 'kura'-cock], that continue not to boil well [like we say]; even for whole 30 years our silly heads have succeeded to boil only to such extent as to grasp that there is no decent life in Bulgaria, and be it on the deep North, or deep South of Europe (about deep East there is no sense to speak, because in this direction we will come to the hateful wild Asian country, neither about deep West, because this is England, and it, I don't know why, but hates us most of all other European countries — even the Germans, Frenchmen, Italians, the mere Greeks, no one else hates us as much as the Englishmen), where only it is possible, but to run, run, run, out of our country, at least if one is young or under 30 years. So that such things can be said about our mug-heads, when we consider the Russians for man-eaters (and so think all right-wing parties).


               SONJOTKA 04-th

     When only a span of land is foreign

     there is sharp necessity to defend it,

     but to place troops in Bulgaria — this has never

     been the eager wish of the Russians.

     Yet in our land-span-or-spit

     exist haters, lumpens, bastards,

     who behave like hungry hounds,

     and are named UDF-ers.

     For so many years they as if have died,

     but have sown the spitting spirit,

     that thrives up to the current days by us.

     Comment: Ah, sirs, here I will meet with bigger difficulties to blow soap bubbles for long time, because for me it is absolutely clear that this UDF ruined Bulgaria, and with this everything is said, but what am I to do, I must somehow make the promised in the beginning 3 KB, because otherwise you will give up reading me further, and how in the top nobody gives a damn about me, if also the masses begin not to read me, then what must I invent in order to make people read me? (Maybe I will be forced to write similar book in English, yet this will lead to nothing good, because the people there have no idea about our lamentable condition, for them we are the next … goose, whose feathers their governments are trying to pluck. [Yet, as you see, I am doing now exactly this, giving also relatively good explanations about our plights])

     So that I want to say that even on a miserable span of land, where nothing grows (like some island in the far North or South, like the Falklands, f.ex.), a self-respecting country is trying to set its foot, and when it does this it feels obliged to protect it, while here, look, Russia has never thought to locate troops by us, maybe it was befallen by some kind of insanity, ah? But otherwise throughout the Western Europe this was obligatory, and in the People's Allemagne, so to say, die Russen have raised even a wall in the middle of one town, Berlin, in order to make so that a single bird will not be able to fly over it, and by the Bulgarians — nothing! And if the Russians were not in a fit of insanity — and this for nearly 50 years, ah? — it remains only the possibility that our Uncle Tosho [i.e. Todor Zhivkov, the long-lasting Bulgarian President in the totalitarian times] has succeeded to pacify them somehow, in what I don't believe much; yet if this was so then him must be posthumously awarded some new democratic medal, or such one has to be established, f.ex.: "Three Golden Lions" — what would you say to this, my gentlemen democrats?

     But this unquestionable fact for good will on the part of the Russians to us has hindered with nothing the above-mentioned UDF-ers (or haters, lumpens, bastards, and so on), who, as I said, and how it became clear to our whole nation, yet with about 10 years delay (only at the end of the century, when Mony [Solomon] Passi chucked them out of the ruling [our idiom here is to … roll the cabbage leaves over them]), decided that the Russians are the worst nation for us, and we must without any delay turn our backs at them. If these UDF guys and girls have had nothing else bad except their Russophobia, then they again deserve disgrace and curses, but it was not only this, they simply continued by inertia — because they, obviously, were second echelon communists from old time, such whom the real communists (well, in the sense of those times) kept away from the power (what is now postfactum seen to have been right approach) — to spit at their opponents, to act against them — only that not 'napuk'-against in the manner how Jotata in his NAPUK party proposes, not with good will (because he does not aim at the power, even it some people put it in his very hands, how is said, he will say: no, sirs democrats, without me), but entirely pljuralistic [what is an old pun in Bulgarian, because the correct word is 'pluralisym', while 'plju…' hints on spitting, what is 'pljuja'].

     What does not mean that guilty were only the higher UDF persons, no, because for them voted (sometimes, it depends on the phase of the … pendulum, but this requires long explanations) more than 50 % of Bulgarians and this by practically 100 % voting activity, what gives real above 50 %, while for the leading in the moment party these percents will bevome only about 16. So that guilty is the spirit of UDF, which still soars in the air, which is continuation of their slogan "Compromises with everybody, only not with the communists!", and because of this one known general [Boiko /Boyko /Bojko Borisov, where the last is according to my transliteration] has said in the beginning of his coming to power, that if the people do not vote for him, then for whom else, maybe for the communists, ah? Well, at this moment I even don't know, if we take for granted that the ethnic non-Bulgarians by us are already above the half of the left in Bulgaria population, then this might be justified, but at least before some 30 years this was extremely anti-democratic manifestation (for which, if Jotata has been asked, he would have proposed as punishment painless … castration of the men, and unilateral masectomy of the women, who have occupied posts above town level — and it is good that they don't ask him, right?).


               SONJOTKA 05-th

     Plus this, my short-sighted gentlemen,

     but you are aqua nuda, pure water!

     Europe is only a … peninsula;

     where Asia is with a big "belly".

     Russia is a great empire,

     was such, is, and will be in the future;

     while Europe is, as it may be said,

     a pack of wolfs, already for centuries!

     And the Western civilisation,

     with its morality in declination,

     is long ago in senile prostration!

     Comment: Well, here again will be necessary some blowing of bubbles, because the said by me in poetic form is more than clear. But, on the other hand, where have you read that Europe is peninsula of the great primordial Asian continent, ah? I think that this is my, Jotata's invention, if this can be called so. Yet you look around, take a map (preferable of the world) and cast a look at it, compare the area of whole Europe, even not with Russia, only with India, and even without adding of the Chinese, so that in its territory Europe (without counting, I am lazy) is not more than 1/10-th of Asia, and according to the population as if is again so, because I have seen somewhere that the Euro-Union has now exactly half of billion people (and China + India make whole 3 billions). Europe is simply very densely populated, not so much as Japan, but, still, pretty densely, while Russia and USA are nearly without population, according to their territories.

     So that Russia is great empire, really, and one must have felt proud just to circle around it, like satellite, and we have done exactly this earlier with the Grandpa Ivan [how we have called Russia for centuries earlier], we felt ourselves flattered that people liked us, come to fight for us, and so on, this is not a thing for joking, neither they are indifferent to us (as I explained recently). But the West was before not well informed about our satelliting, and we now, too, are not aware, because we do not do this more. (People, let me now tell you in parentheses that once, in 1990, +/- 1 year, I have written a letter with questions about working in Australia or New Zealand, and they have sent me one leaflet with their requirements for immigration, and on the envelope was written: my name, the street and number, the town, the country, and below this … Soviet Union, i.e. USSR.) Yet it was not so, from the common harness with Russia we only gained, and this is seen perfectly clear now, when we can in no case win, because we are not with them, and Europe does not give a damn about us (except as additional market).

     And now let us look at Europe, ah? But this is one real wasp nest, there has not existed even half a century without wars, except in one empire of Carl the Great (or Charlemagne or Carlo Magno), i.e. in a totalitarian country, or later in one Austro-Hungary (where they have entirely forgotten about the Czechs in the name). Else there were fights and battles and v.v., and not only between adjacent nations (like Italians and Frenchmen), but also in the very Italy, which for many centuries has not existed, there were various paesi or earldoms, counties, regions. And it has been the same with the Germans, there are a heap of Gebieten-regions there. And if we compare this with the battles fought in Asia, then there were big battles in the time of Genghiz Khan, who has made all nations around to scream with horror, and the peaceful Chinese  (because it is so, in broad lines, the eastern people are peaceful, the Hindus, the Chinese, and the Russians, respectively) have decided to erect such high wall on the border, that it was seen from the space with naked (or, probably, a little "clothed") eyes. So that Asia, of course, is much more peaceful than Europe, and taking into account the much wider territory there were less battles even procentually. While Europe: why it succeeded at last to unite itself and all countries there rushed immediately in NATO, ah? Well, because in the peaceful post-war time (after the Second World War) not a single country could be compared even with the pinky of the US, and they wanted this eagerly, this was the point, while some not worthy Japs, after the US made all their family to cry loud [this is an idiom for some utmost defeat] in military condition, for about zero time have become second world power in economic aspect, so that why this ancient European continent must not show that there do not live only nincompoops and bullies, but between them are also clever heads?

     And that the civilization passes away I think is clear to everyone, or I will come somehow later also to this question.


     And so on …



               SONJOTKA 51-st

     [Here have to be given some explanation because they are not seen by this retelling. This as verse is in the same form, but it is plus this also acrostic, which reads 'blag-odar-sko', what is variation of "thanks", something like "thanksyouall" but with 11 letters. Naturally, I will not separate the first letters here, because they mean nothing in English.]

     Unquestionably now I am feeling obliged

     Lovingly to bow my head before the Bulg- [the splitting exists]

     Arians at the top, who with their disrespect

     Made a hero, unintentionally, of me.

     Oh, if they were not, in my old age

     I would have scratched … my balls only,

     But so I entertain the people's masses,

     Emit books in swarms with desire!

     After the boring mathematical knowledge

     To nationwide I am moving recognition,

     Having clothed in words thoughts and passions.

     Comment: Well, it is so, gentlemen, I must express my thanks to my creators, even if they have not created me intentionally, but it usually happens so with the progeny, the parents have their pleasure, and later, hop, the baby pops up. Now, here can't be said that they have had exactly their pleasure, but not paying attention to a wise meaning, except that it is expression of barbarism, is also reaction of relief, so that they have done this, what they wanted, not this, what they should have done, after they are put in front of the whole nation. So that they have engendered me, and are on the way to make me hero and idol of the future generation, because I, surely, am fighting bravely with the injustice and evasions, independently on the level on which this is performed (and even the higher is the level, on which is done something improperly, the more actively I fight with it).

     Now, I can't understand with how little brains the people, f.ex. in NSSI [our Social Security Institute] decide that, after they come before me with various weak-minded evasions and twists, then I will become afraid of them and will shut up my mouth, because I have done exactly the contrary, I opened it wider and began to alarm even higher instances, and when those in my country were exhausted with my total information blackout (much worse than in totalitarian times), then I made use of 3-4 more languages and went with them before the world. But I had simply no other way out, because if they have thought that I will spend my money (which I have not), to hire lawyers and to sue the state, for this, that they ignore main principle of Roman law, that if something is not explicitly forbidden then it is allowed, and if necessary to come even to some international court (in the Hague, or wherever it is), then they obviously have mistaken me with someone else. Because it was so, everything began with this, that I wanted to retire with 1 year length of service less, hoping that in this way I will, probably, receive pension with 10 or so percents higher, due to the fact that Bulgaria has always been country of paradoxes. Yet the paradox still remains, and it is heard even wider, so that if now some of those instances decide at last to agree with my pretensions, this is now of no importance, I have published myself around the world, I attract attention of the public, have given detailed idea about my party (only without me personally), and am writing funny or not too much things for my pleasure.

     Yet, on the other hand, this is not a new moment in world history, such things happen all over the world, not only in barbarian country like ours, because no saint or martyr has become such of his own will, no, such have made him his contemporaries, with their stupid in the moment reaction at his actions; it is possible that the deep meaning of this is in the checking to which extent this person upholds his principles, but so or otherwise this is a fact, so that I have gone on a direct way to my inclusion someday in the list of prominent Bulgarians, the so called people's awakeners [we have such national holiday], because this is what I am doing, I 'budja'-awaken the people from their democratic lethargy, and make them to realize, that the democracy is no smaller delusion than the totalitarianism but even bigger one, it is right only in principle (if the people have enough brains in their heads, but one whole nation has this never, it is on the intellectual level of a … suckling). At the same time, however, I don't discourage people, I simply make them to think, proposing also decisions in the right direction.

     But, gentlemen, thanks to this, frankly speaking, pretty stupid reaction at the highest possible level, I have become livelier, feel myself as fit as a fiddle, have purpose in life in my old age, and am even myself surprised by my achievements, really. So that, believe me, and this will be my last word,



               POST SCRIPTUM

     Sirs, I had no intention to add whatever more, but as far as in this pandemic year, and also because the mandate of this Government expires soon, and we like pretty much to raise noise in the last moment, not in the beginning or even in the middle, then some things have happened and there is what to add emergently (until I have begun to edit my books for the various sites, about a dozen, and each of them with specific requirements, what will take me at least a month, and because of this I do it in a series, but there have accumulated 10 or so books — I am working pretty much lately, because have constant "income", however funny this word may sound for a Bulgarian pension).

     Well, the simplest is this, that the protests continue because the population is tired of sitting at home, there is some small inflation, about 5% monthly (what is not so little, but this is for food products, while the communal expenses, which for the poorer exceed the half of their expenses, have not risen even with a cent), and some new fascists, surely (because those parties that are represented in the Parliament do not want premature elections, why should they shorten their time around the state's table?) rush ahead, and only 3 fascist parties in our Parliament are, in all appearances, not enough! Here the bad thing (or the good one, it depends on this, how one looks at the things) of the fascists is that they can not unite themselves, for them the important thing is to have an idol, and he can be only one, so that the number of these parties can rise even to about 10 (yet they alone do not believe that can seriously intervene in the politics, they want just to make some noise, because the fascism, like I have explained, is simply a firecracker).

     The more interesting for me personally is this, that my pension was, respectively: in May 2020 176 Lv., in June 186, in July 212, what at last reached the correct (according to me) situation (the minimal pensions not to come lower than 1/3 MMS, which is already as if 630 Lv), and in Aug whole 262 Lv, as temporary and farewell gift of the "general", what for me is directly a luxury (I in no way can allow myself to spend so much money, with nearly one quarter above the correct amount, i.e. 50 to 212, I will surely save it). But, gentlemen, let us remove the alms (because of the fear of losing the "bone"), for 3 months an increase of 36 Lv on the basis of 176 makes exactly 20 % increase, and even if we take this for a whole year, it is again quite much over the usual 10 %. But if we take 262 to 176 then this gives whole 50 %, what is a kind of insanity, or rather panic!

     But we can reflect also otherwise: I began in Apr 2016 with 134 Lv pension, and if till Jul 2020 it is only 212, then this makes again 50 % for 4 years, what is quite decent increase under 10 % yearly increase of the income (which is the situation by us, in outlines). From here I can make only two main conclusions (but this is me, because the others don't make them), and will come to them after a while, but let me first remark that if I receive now 260 Lv (by MMS of 630, what must be real value, because in Jan it was 610), then this gives 41 %, but my pension then was 32 % of the minimal [salary], and for this reason I raised the question at all. If we speak in money then MMS was 420 Lv. (and 0.32 * 420 = 134.), while 0.41 * 420 = 172 Lv, i.e. by this quotient [or percentage] I should have started with 172 Lv (instead of 134), what slightly exceeds my pretensions in that time (they as if reached to about 165 Lv), i.e. there would have been no questions for raising at all (and I, probably, would have sung hymns to our stupid, sorry, blossoming democracy). Yeah, but it did not happen so, our rulers just do not want to do this, what they must do, and what they can do, no, they simply show off, stick out chest like the turkeys open their tail, don't give a damn about the others, pay no attention to reasonable propositions, show complete disinterest to the plight of population, and other similar features of our native … barbarity!

     So that here are my conclusions: firstly, I have been absolutely right in my deductions, estimations, and propositions, I have just kept my finger, as they say, on the pulse of the people, have felt their worries and grievances, and if somebody has paid attention at me already then, there would have been no discontents now (or at least would have been no reasons for such), but who is to pay this attention? And secondly: my propositions and views, evolved further in my party NAPUK, are entirely feasible, when now they can be accomplished, be it only temporarily! Yet our rulers like to react then, when, as my father has said, the egg comes them to the bottom (what, as I think now, is cultured phrase, allusion about a hen, but in reality has to be understood as when that thing comes to their #sses, for which we use the Gypsy word beginning like belling of a dog ['lajno'-sh#t, I have mentioned this]). Id est, the problems by us exist for the simple reason that we as if want them to exist, want to leave everything alone, to happen what will happen, to drive through the millet [or helter-skelter]! Because, with one word, we have not Social Ministry, which has to develop social programs, to investigate the living standard of population, and so on (what I wanted already before NAPUK), and have only such that can make patches, to tie the pants [an idiom], to fight with the consequences but not with the causes! Probably because if they begin to do what I propose, they will be taken for communists, but this, no, in no case, never again communism [the proverbial UDF slogan], everything else is allowed, even fascism, yet not communism, uh-uh-uh and down!

     Well, I exceeded the usual here length, but because will not all the time add new postscriptums, I continue with the question about the … mafias. This is also important question (at which I as if have not paid attention here), because this is beloved excuse of our people that, see, this ours is not democracy, this is mafia, everything is controlled, someone pulls the strings, and so on, but if it was not so, you would have seen how fast we would have blossomed and given fruits. What is judgement by the model that — I beg the women to be excused — to the bad cock the balls are guilty! Because, gentlemen, what is the mafia if not power in the power, state in the state, and why it appears? But clearly that because the official power does not work, gives not to the people this, what they, one big part of them want (like, in order to give an example, in one America has existed for nearly 30 years dry, but totally dry, law [or state], where even beer was not allowed to drink, what is — I beg the (harebrained) puritans to be excused — absolute stupidity, to such thing not only Bulgarians, but also Slavs can never come [all dry laws in Russia, as far as I know, have never been so dry], this contradicts to the common sense).

     Then comes also this, that a typically mafia country is Italy, and we are nearly like them, at the same geographical latitude, with the same banner (with slightly shifted colours, yet the same), alike also in our physiognomies (they are not with long Greek noses, they are like us), and are equally with us hated by the people on the West (the Italians for longer time, us for shorter, but the feelings are the same), so that it is normal also by us to have mafias. And not only one, by us there are mafias everywhere, the communists, remember, are since long time mafia, the Boikovists [followers of 'Bojko' Borisov, the general, leader of GERB] are also mafia, the fascists, too, are mafia, and the Turks [MRF] are also this, and every administrative instance is mafia in its way (say, NSSI, where prominent their employees violate basic principles of Roman law, that what is not explicitly forbidden is allowed, yet it is impossible to prove this to them, and also the entire Bulgarian official public, parties, Government, media, an so on, stand — with their silence on this question, with my total ignoring — behind them, supporting the mafiosity). So that it is clear, that by us can exist only fight between one mafia structure and another one, and the important thing is not whether a given power is mafia, but whether it is right. Well, right mafia by us does not exist, but as if the most right, the just one, are still the Turks (possibly with the support of newly arrived Arabs, and of old-arrived Gypsies). The only right in principle are some NAPUK-ists, who still does not exist.

     Yet I can just so, as impromptu, propose one new mafia, anti-party one, in a sense of against all previous parties, and would have even dared to be its secret boss (for there can't exist open bosses of mafias, if so this will not be mafia. right?), where I propose as first measure to make a list of eminent political leaders of all colours since 1990 until now, some 100 persons seem to me enough for the beginning, and to proceed with them in the following way: to all politicians-men to be cut out the balls, and to the politicians-women to be sewn their … ah, I have lost my thought, damn it, at my age such things happen (as if it was slippers or pots [the salt here is lost because it has to rhyme with a slang for vagina], but can't be sure).

     And at the end let me address the masses, that have to read me, only that they are not doing this. Gentlemen, you tell my name to at least one acquaintance of you, but even better to two, no matter that I am not published in Bulgaria, yet otherwise I can be found both on the East and on the West [looking from the position of Bulgaria, naturally], for some money and without such, according to your wish. Because I, really, am very overladen with work, I write under several pseudonyms, and at my 70 years work at least by 7 hours daily, but if you continue not to increase your reading of me I will begin to translate in foreign languages also my poetical things [what I have already begun, as you see], because they are, anyway, about 80 % prosaic, and the poetry I can retell somehow, and then the number of my works will grow, like for about 3 years they have become 30, soon they will become 40, maybe even 50, and will remain so, to tell you, for a heap of years in the Internet, or already copied by some people and in private hands, and will shame us as much as you want, and even more than this. Because I love this our barbarity very much, it is so dear to my heart and soul, yet everything in its proper extent! And what means reading? Well, so about 1,000 clicks per site daily; but well, so be it, because I am not a pop-star I would agree to about a pair of hundreds daily, yet not less, because I tire myself for you, to me the money which I receive is enough!

     Well, the money is enough to survive, of course, but there what life can exist under our democracy (and in Bulgaria, I mean)? This our democracy ruined us totally, plunged us into the mud, now in Bulgaria the population lives worse than — at least this is what the statistics show — in the third world countries, amidst the African deserts, or in the islands of Pacific Ocean, no kidding. But notwithstanding this I am used to our democratic misery (when the democracy is something good, then for this must be paid dearly, isn't it?) and I don't need much money, and by much I understand more than 1/2 MMS, remember this! Because I am so long "baked" that am even overbaked [an idiom for very experienced], for me this money is equal to one whole MMS, honestly! And then I shell begin to live like a human, like it was in the times of our Uncle Tosho, only that this will not work well by me, something will not be enough. F.ex., I may decide to drink a cup of coffee on the street (what I don't do for at least 1/4 a century, because this will cost me 7-8 times more than if I make it alone at home), or to spend some coin for an icecream, or hot-dog, something of the kind, or, say, to begin to buy myself doughnuts [what is not exactly so, I mean our 'banichki', what are baked pie sheets filled with something, usually white cheese] for breakfast — oh my God, but this will be the same as if the totalitarianism has come back! —, or I will show a wish to visit, be it concert, be it theater (what of the both things is cheaper) once in a month, or to begin to travel in the town (what I still cannot allow myself, even by only 4 Euro monthly pass for the entire transport [we have this peculiarity to offer to persons in the age of … dying, now this is after 68, twice or more times cheaper pass than for the usual pensioners — because, I can tell you, otherwise they will travel without any ticket and raise noise with a possible controller that they have just no money], because my daily food ration rarely exceeds 0.60 Euro), or when I walk by some … garbage can and see left there piece of bread I will not dare to take it (because I have become now a human being), and other similar examples.

     Because I, maybe repeating some moments, but have stopped my fridge before about 15 years, have no sink in the kitchen because need urgent repair, which I postpone as if for 10 years, bread have already begun to bake myself (when can find flour for 0.35 Euro cents, and this gives exactly 1.5 kilo bread), milk I do not (but not at all) buy (as if for more than 20 years), meat also avoid (unless this is a chicken lantern [what I think you even do not know what is — bare chicken carcass, or in pieces, but such parts which usually are not sold] from time to time), medicaments I do not (totally not) take (even aspirin; well, at least not more than 2 pills for the last 5 years) and visit no physicians, neither buy clothes, no whatever else except modest food (and exactly the last month have found out that one egg is enough for me for ... 4 breakfasts, as sandwich, boiled, squashed, seasoned generously, smeared symbolically on a piece of bread, which is baked in a grill, and then I pour sunflower oil over it as much as it can absorb) and also the compulsory communal expenses; and similar things. And, you must agree, that if I can buy myself sometimes a bit icecream, then I will do this a pair of times, and then the money will begin not to be enough for me, so that I am not lying to you.

     Well, that's it, gentlemen, the situation is difficult, but this is not yet genocide, our gene is preserved, in other countries, but for the world as a whole this is even better, for enriching of world genetic fund. And also by us it is not really tragic, it is true that we have no morality at all, but when now come the Turks (who are, still, believers), then we will begin little by little become more human-like. ( Because recently I personally have such a case, by one fruit and vegetables shop, after its closing, as it has become my habit, I reached to take some leaves of salad, I repeat, separate pair of leaves, torn out, as appetizer for my evening, and at once from somewhere jumped an insolent guy, a real image of 'mutra', how say now in Bulgaria, but this is Italian word, mutria, and means there also hired killer, and rushed at me and began to choke me, and ordered with justified pride of a capitalist to leave the leaf, because he, see, was the owner of the shop, although I have never seen him to sell alone! Well, he did not succeed to choke me, no, only grabbed me by the throat, I crossed myself after this, no matter that am not believer, some people around intervened, and he got in his Japanese car and disappeared, but you see what is the image of Bulgarian business! )

     Yet, how I said, it can be endured, as long as we are clear that the democracy for us has turned to sufferings for the masses heavier than during the Turkish yoke, because we are barbarians, have always been such, but under normal circumstances and equalizing between people this did not show off, while now, when is looked only at the money, it turned out that every relatively conscientious, moral, learned, or disabled in some aspect (I, f.ex., am not able to deceive, in order to sell something), must suffer. Well, I cope with the situation (because have studied too much, have my internal life, which is bound to support me, have never aspired to luxury, etc.), but quite many suffer because are not like me (they want, say, to have a cup of coffee, but have not coins), i.e. I suffer because have studier much, yet the other 95 % of the destitute people by us have not studied, hence there are no reasons also for them to suffer from our stupid model of capitalism (which is stupid because is worse than in the developed Western countries)! And these miserable people in Bulgaria are at least half a million [out of 7], but probably also a whole one, and they have no brains for to organize themselves. Well, I am doing what I can in the remaining to me years life in 'Bugarsko'.

     Aug 2020




               POST POST SCRIPTUM

     Now, if you pay attention at the opening square bracket before the title, you will get it that this is new chapter, not included in Bulgarian original. This is not correct approach, but I am tired of making correction on dozen of sites, and when, anyway, I will be read in Bulgarian less than in English, in all appearances, and the Bulgarians can as well read me in English (for change), I decided to commit this sin and add things only here. But it is necessary to add something because we continue to do, if not exactly wrong things, than not the right ones.

     The first moment is to tell you that my (absolutely) minimal (as half) pension is now, from January 21-st 305 Lv or 123 Euro, what as much as would have to make me happy the more makes me … dissatisfied with our continuing messes! Because by MMS for Jan this year of 650 Lv my pension makes 47 % and this is, how to put it milder, immoral, maybe, for if we multiply this by 2 to get the minimum whole pension, it has to come to 94 % (or at least to about 85 because the relation is not exactly linear) of MMS, what I don't believe is so, at least by the simple reason that this means that the things are tied together, are made proportional, what simply can't happen in a country where everything is done helter-skelter. And really, somewhere is said that the average pension for 21-th year (and let me remind you that here are taken only those with length of service nearly 40 years, these are not all pensioners, myself comes not in this number) becomes now 490 Lv, so that my social half minimum turns to come to 62 % of this enhanced average, what is, hm, unpedagogical (people may begin to think to work even less, just to catch the minimum)!

     And really, if so the minimal whole pension has to be about 450, something like that, and there is not big difference between my 305 and 450 (even 490), in any case the difference is not near to 2 times. Or otherwise looked, by MMS of 650 Lv. the average salary has to be about 1440 (I have not succeeded to find exact data, but for the last year, by MMS of 610, it was 1350, and for this year is planned, i.e. to the end of it, to reach 1500, so that I must be right with just 1-2 % difference), and if it was 1470 this would have been exactly 3 times the average 490, i.e. 1/3, so that at the moment the average pensioner receives 35 % of his /her last salary. Yeah, but this is for 32 years of work on the average (in order to have 32 * 1.1 = 35.2 %), and under the bad totalitarianism 20 years of service were enough, on the average probably about 26-7 (because the men went on pension 5 years earlier and the women — whole 10), and then the average pension was 70 % (from 60 to 80, where the less the salary, the bigger must have been the percentage) of the last one, and there is now even the paradox of paying a pension tax, so to say, of about 8 %, because the employer pays only 2/3 of the instalment, and if you do not add the remaining sum your years are not counted for pensioning, and so on, so that you see that everything is still at least twice (to thrice) worse than before!

     Anyway, even if nothing is tied together, let me tell you my expert estimation, which is that the minimal social threshold for a whole pension has to be pretty near to 70 % of MMS (what on basis of 650 gives 455 Lv) and for half a pension the percentage has to be 40 (or on the same basis this makes 260 Lv). So that, without falling into details, our authorities have touched only the deepest minimum, and everything else remains to be bettered. In this way I am highly suspicious that such like me, who fall below the threshold and because of this receive this social minimum, amount now for about 30 % if not more, and if one adds here the integration money it will turn out that half or the pensioners receive something additional to the calculated by their system pension, what is direct proof that this their system or method of calculation is … rotten! The proper approach is to begin to raise that mysterious coefficient of 1.1 for each year of service to 1.15, then 1.2, then more, reaching even to 1.5 if necessary, and together with this, naturally, to raise also the very MMS, but here lies the main difficulty.

     Then this, that for less than an year (still) my pension jumped from 176 to 305 Lv, means about twice increase for one year (real insanity), or more precisely 305 / 176 = 1.73 for 9 months! This surely means that everything is possible but we just don't want to think about the masses (what I said in the previous chapter), yet also that the wishes of the fascists are not entirely ungrounded; rather that they are ungrounded, this is so, they are silly and if fulfilled will give a breakthrough somewhere, but the people begin to believe that they are realizable, they begin to want such silly things and here lies the evil. So that, see, there are situations where it is bad in this way, but also in the other one. Because, roughly speaking, our standard of life can either: go down, or stay the same (let us allow also this possibility), or rise a little (surely not much, when we are 7 times behind the Germans); yes, but below our level is impossible, we are the undisputed outsiders in the whole Europe (and, hence, in the civilized part of the world), to remain at the same level is also very bad because: for how long (?), there have passed 30 years already, and when something (not everything) is bettered than the question is: why only now, why not earlier? This reminds me one, I wouldn't say decent, but suitable, saying, that — and let the girls and innocent children close their eyes and plug their ears till the end of this paragraph — the more one moves, twists, or shakes, trying to get free, the deeper it penetrates (and I hope you grasp well what and where penetrates)!

     And now let me move to the mentioned in the first postscript anti-party, mafiotic like every other, because I have slept over my previous proposition a pair of nights and saw that it can be bettered a bit. There are several moments here. For one thing it will be ultra-left-wing, so utterly left- that can as well be taken for right- wing, too, and will be signified as PPP, what has to be deciphered as Paupers Purifying Party (or also, as alternative name, Party for Punishing of the Politicians), which will be near to the hearts of the common people, who want to have moral politicians and to punish the bad ones. Then I mentioned 100 persons, but this can be refined, it suffices to punish only by 1 … millionth of the population, yet each month! For Bulgaria with its 7 mln people this means by 7 persons monthly (what comes roughly to nearly the same). Then the punishing for the men remains the same, unmanning, this is quite healthy procedure, applied for millenniums even without anaesthesia, and at the level of our current medicine there will be no problems to fulfill everything painlessly. Yet with the punishing of women politicians my first ideas were not much ripe, sewing of the vagina might turn to be dangerous to the health, may cause some inflammation, so that I decided here to be applied … unilateral masectomy (or mastectomy — what I have mentioned somewhere to the beginning of the book but have forgotten), what is often applied operation in the current days, i.e. they will become … Amazons, and the choice of the mazos is left to them (by default the right one).

     Now let me precise the assessing of their badness, i.e. corruption, working not for the people but for money. Here for each of them will be computed one coefficient called … PYSS, what you can read as 'pis' or as 'pajs', its up to you. (Like, by the way, in Bulgaria that IBAN code is read as 'ajban', because if read as 'iban', this in Bulgarian means, ha-ha or ho-ho, f#cked up!). So this PYSS is deciphered as "Product of Years by Standardized Salary", where for each year or part of it (proportionally) the period is multiplied by their salary divided by MMS, or even better by: (their-salary – minimal-salary) / minimal-salary. (say, if they have received 3000 Lv when MMS was 600 their SS will be (3000-600) / 600 = 2400 / 600 = 4.). This strange coefficient will be actualized often, and each month will be taken the first millionth number of politicians and purified via the punishment in the name of peace and wellbeing of the population, and as warning for the new politicians.

     The very PPP members will be excluded from this list, not only because as new party they will come to the end of the list, but also because they, as true communists, and in the spirit of my NAPUK party, will be rather cultic workers and live like priests, i.e. relatively affluent only while they are part of the instance which they represent, but not outside of it. More concrete this means that they will all receive only one MMS salary, but big, I would say even huge, fringe benefits, like food, clothes, furniture, living premises, company vehicle, certificates for buying of goods in specialized for them shops, healthcare, education, even for the members of their families (even for the parents of eminent persons), but in cash only 1 MMS. Did you get it, how nice I have thought the things through? So that's it roughly.

     And I sincerely wish to myself not to add more new things, because our situation is, like we use to say, muddy and bloody, and only God can help us (if He exists, what is extremely doubtful), but He, in all appearances, prefers to leave us as bad example for the other nations.

     Mar 2021











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