Mad Princess

Dorian Leto

I feel really, really bad
Do you hear voices inside my head?
Hi honey! I walk on the highway to hell, would you come?
I am so
                                                    tired, you know.
A fucking evil knocks out my brain, it's jam now.
I feel really, really mad. Do you hear voices inside my head too?
I have run too much, thought too much, hit my arms, my legs, my head too much, too loud against the wall.
I'm hurt.
Moreover, I'm so tired; you can't imagine how hard staying alive is.

I had a dream.
I dreamed of a world without bad people, without evil, without malice.
I have a dream.
I only dream about a world without myself.
Can I open my eyes and see the nothingness?
Why couldn't I tear my skin and wait for my blood to go away?
I don't exactly know what I want.
Did you hear voices that screamed inside my head?
I am dying. I mean, not in the reality or in my spirit
But because my body stands, it walks. Fuck off.
Why is my spirit the only one that can forget itself?
I am dying, I told you.
Don't tell me it's wrong or it's just a dream.

Are you kidding me? You are kidding me, aren't you?
You don't hear voices inside my head, I suppose you can't understand because of that. SO SHUT A FUCK UP!
You know nothing, quiet!
I'm tired. Too tired.
I should sleep. If I could sleep...
But I failed.
Too late, my time has come. Didn't mean to make you cry, if I'm not back again this time tomorrow.
I'm too tired to stand.
And voices scream, again, again, still again...

My eyes are broken like fallen crystal.
I see a scarified world, full of scars, grayer than ever.
I look at my hands, they're disgusting, decomposed.
World is dying, words are dead.
People fall when smiles disappear, and they disappeared after freedom has begun to be a concept.
Voices inside my head told me everything, you are guilty and nothing stays.
Worst, I can't cut my veins cause I am bound.
Stupid unconscious
Dead princess
With so much voices inside her head.

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