It might be the cats.


She went back to her parents' house on a Monday. I think she went there for a couple of days to find inner peace. To shut the voices in her head or something. Anyway, it's a funny house. A quirky, peculiar house. There are pictures of cats everywhere. It's a cat hole. By Tuesday, her obsession with cats grew drastically. They were after her, she said. They were rolling their eyes at every single word that came out of her mouth, she said. They were picking on her, calling her names... At least that's what she said. Tuesday wasn't the worst though.

Wednesday was definitely harder. She needed her husband to take care of her lady business. He wasn't around, but her fingers were. So she did what she had to do. It wasn't easy with all the cats watching. At that point, she hated them. But she eventually made it. She came. Then Thursday came. And she couldn't stand the cats anymore, so she ran to a local store to buy some paint. Redecorate her entire room or something. She told people she chose the colour red so it would match her soul. Up there, she often felt like her parents loved the cats more than they loved her. An opinion confirmed on Friday when her father saw what she did to the place and slapped her so hard one of her teeth fell out. It all led to a tense Saturday. They could have heard a pin drop came dinner time.  It was so quiet. But her mother once taught her that if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all. So she didn't say anything. At all.

The tension climaxed when her father mentioned the cats again. That probably drove her crazy. Made her feel like she couldn't run away from them. I'm sure it did. It's the only reason to explain what happened on Sunday. She was still at her parents' house. I used to think she went there just for a couple of days. To find inner peace. To shut the voices in her head. Well, she did shut them in a way. Permanently. She never came back. A neighbour said he heard an unexpected sound. Straight after the gunshot, that is. He said he heard cats laughing. But he's an alcoholic, so his credibility is close to abysmal.

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