The cinema of the digital age


Over the last thirty years we have witnessed the increasing power of cinema. Despite of television is dead and it will not be reborn because of the digital platforms of entertainment such as Netflix, cinema has become more and more a real window of our society and explores new ways linked to the digital revolution made by the video camera and the telephone.

On the one hand, a film cling on to our feet as we move forward. Obviously, when we bury the past we go forward towards the digital age, but we shouldn't forget it. For example, there is a project of the director of movies such as Drive, Only God forgives, called Nicolas Winding Refn, that is a streaming site in a free wesite where a guest editor shows original work like videos, photos, music or essays around a old film. So Instagram o social media are things, of course, that should be connected with the cinema.

On the other hand, actually there are a cinema industry that make films in a old way in order to maximise profits as fast as possible. For instance, when people go to the cinema they can see films without anything new or artistic which will make it different or original.

To sum up, I think that we are living in a digital world where there has been a lot of changes. Also, It is undeniable that the cinema is the mirror of our digital society. So perhaps it is time to start doing movies in a digital way to reach a cinema with different meaning and new.

  • ... our real world is not digital, only the médias or the new movies are digital. The danger is that actaly people forget to make the difference between fiction and réality . Cinéma stay cinéma, for the intertainment or for our culture. (désolé, je fais ce que je peux en anglais :o))

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    • I agree with you: cinema is art.
      Ne t'inquiète pasm j'ai bien compris

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