The raindrops


We are watching the raindrops
The raindrops are dancing on the window
It makes the room all blue
It makes our summer cold and
It makes our spirits sad for some reasons

The night has fallen, again and again
And my sad thoughts are back, again
They were not gone too far either
It's like they were waiting for the raindrops

Let's share a cigarette when
This sudden light when we light it up
A thunderstorm is coming to us except
Except this one was so loud it could
It could wake the night up

And that's funny, that's really funny because
I always want to be with you when
It's dark and I'm alone and
Now that we are one with the night
I feel even more sad than before
When the raindrops are on my cheeks

I don't want you to be with me
Let's not be one
I would feel more lonely than before

You've got this sad look that I can't
I can't forget it because
Me too it makes me sad and depressed
I have this feeling again
The same one when we make love
Raindrops all over your body
We are gone

I am not myself during the rest of the night
The part when it's clear and I can see
I can see everything
It doesn't let anything to my imagination
I feel so depressed about it
The raindrops are finally falling again
Making my day dark again before
Before the nightfall

I wish it could be raining all my life
It would surely help me, help me
Help me to see clearer and all
All these questions with no answers
Maybe they would finally make sense

There was this night
This night full of raindrops
Me walking alone in the same street since
Since I am a child
Cigarette in my mouth, between my teeth
I was looking at your window
The shape of the raindrops I remember
It looked just like a heart
And it hurt

I never sleep because I always think
I never sleep because I always write
I never sleep because I always smoke
I never sleep because as long as
As long as the raindrops are falling
I am alive and it's enough because
I like the idea of falling
Falling with them, endlessly

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