A dream


The place was slightly humid, it rained during the night. In the air was emanating a petrichor smell. I ran to this labyrinthine park, it was very wide but there was nobody. A few scattered flowers were sparkling around, the branches were full of leaves in viral colors, violated, greenlike, intertwining white-as-snow asphodeleans as well as erubescients lilacs. Unexpectedly the calm were replaced in my ears by a weak flickering, I turned my head to the right and a swarm of small multicolored butterflies fluttered in front of me, I did not know what kind of insects these were but they were very beautiful. Then i saw through this swarm, that was drawn before me, a picture that shivered me so much that my heart felt like falling, it was a canvas for a kaleidoscopic vision: she was at the bottom of a green hillside, bare foot and sitting in a powdery grass, with dew it resembled as a coating of coruscants emeralds. Her figure was thin, she looked like a child. Her skin was very pale, almost opalescent, some parts of her body seemed to have been the target of a drop of amethyst powder, because her cheeks, her lips, the tip of her nose, and her fingers were cherry due to the coldness of the beginning autumn. Her foot were fine, harmoniously aesthetic and also soaked in a ruby ​​flour. She was wearing a rather high bun, her hairs were blindy blond, reflecting all the sunshine - it was so beautiful that it was either the sun or the joy that lit up the clearing. She was reading a book, she did not see me much. I sorted from the dim light for all over the sunny. As I approached her clothes appeared clearly to me, they were very modest, she wore a lily-colored blouse and a navy blue skirt. Her breathing was peaceful, staring at the calmness of the moment. Until then, the looks that tooks her face were very pleasant, her face was small and we could said she looked all alike a doll of wax. This lull in me metamorphosed into a terrible hurricane, I approached frightfully as someone approaching a gigantic and ferocious beast. Even though I had never seen anything like this before, or even at the right moment, the scent of her flavored perfume was satiating myself from a craving i had for a whirlwind of eternities, forming a edenous headless cloud, which was the most ecstatic aroma in which I abused myself in all my life, I had never been so scared. I was afraid of her reaction, of her look, that she pushed me back, that she pushed away from her the filthy person that I am. She remained focused on reading her book. It only happened standing by her side that she saw me, she flinched and looked at my face, her expression drastically changed to prodigious tranquility into a mixed eyesore and revulsion, as though she had death or worse standing on her front. I was drowning, literally. The impotence before this repulsion suffocated me, I wanted to ask her  "Am i not human to you? why do you look at me like this ?". But I was strangely unable to say anything. Her cerulean eyes were drowning myself, they were bluer than the blueness of a blue sky, and absurdly large for the slenderness of her portrait, which exacerbated the oceanic gaze of her tumultuous stare to me.

Timidly, the silence broke :

 - I need you to help me.

 - Why would I help you? She answered me, disconcerted.

 - Only you can help me.  

She looked at me for a few seconds, stunned, before saying to me:

 - I do not want to help you, I do not care about you, you could die that I would not care. In addition, you are disgusting and execrable, you disgust me to the highest degree, I do not want anything to do with you.

I looked into her eyes and strangled her, her neck was very thin and very cold. The mother-of-pearl of her iridescent tooth glittered in the sun like a rainbow. Once dead, her eyes were staring at the marmoreal sky, shiny lusters were undulating. Behind me was a fictitious lake where were sleeping star-studded water lilies, I got up, I walked towards this cloudy mirror. A silence of unparalleled beauty floated in the atmosphere. A tide of late-summer flurry came and put fluffy caresses on the bark of my soul, which was pleasant. Arrived in front of the lake I dropped into it, I fell into an endless blue-steel depth. I opened my eyes; I saw an avalanche of things dangling and spinning in these funds all around me, nitscents nebulae were dancing slowly, I could not see the edge of these depths, they were unfathomable, I had the impression to be within a beautiful cosmos, I felt good at this moment and my light body was sailing between these meteors and these stars. It is said that our actions resonate in eternity, this is really sad. I'm so scared. I'm scared, I'm so scared, no I've never done anything of all these horrors, it was not me, I did not do anything of it. Everything failed. Elsewhere, on another star we could finally see who we are all in reality, we could repair all the errors. Everything seemed possible to me but I was going to die. And I thought to myself in front of these ghostly gleams and magellanic clouds swimming in an indescribable immensity that the melancholy of men is just as immense, because in reality the sadness and the human misery is as infinite as this hallucinated universe. If there is love, compassion, or light somewhere in the world, my last, my only wish, is that it saves them all. I closed my eyes and started to cry. In this abyss the sounds were repressed in a muffled vibration. This dreamlike tranquility ended abruptly. In a single movement I felt the sensation of rising to the surface, my feelings returned to me, my sobs began to be perceptible, I opened my eyes and I found myself precisely  waking up on my bed.

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