Stéphanie Lecigne

English version

You are beautiful
You are beautiful, for sure

I look at your calm face and your closed eyes
And I find myself hoping this moment lasts forever

I feel your breath on my face, your smell comes over me
If only I could be sure that it will still be here tomorrow
That you will still be here tomorrow
That the days that will follow will be ours

 My eyes drown in your presence
My heart is lost in the fear of your absence

Your arms around me, a light in my darkness
A rest in my reality
Your gaze, a landmark in the immensity
Your laughter, a song in fatality

I do not know what to do
If I cannot be with you where would I go
If I have to face a truth
If I am not one of those you're gonna love

I spend every moment memorizing you
Make all of you engraved

But as I hold on to you
I feel like I am losing you every second

One day everything is erased
The pages must be turned
And if I want to make chapters with you
Chapters or even entire novels
Tell me that these stories will never end

I do not know what to do
If I have to say goodbye to you
Knowing that I will never be by your side again
That it all ends before it even begins

I am blocked by my fears
I just make mistakes
For fear of giving myself to you in vain
If I am the only one to feel this connection

My love is pure
And if you want it will be yours
No matter how long it lasts
As long as you offer me yours

Anyway you will have been my oasis
The one I would have always thirsted for
Even though I am no longer with you
Somewhere forever you will stay in me

Maybe it is time to face the truth
I am surely not one of those that you will love
But as long as I can I look at you
For somewhere maybe keep you

You are beautiful
You are beautiful, for sure

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