Dear butterfly


On my skin

Engraded forever

With int in

I hope to say "never"

Never more scars

Never more hurt

In my eyes you put stars

Dear butterfly I won't blurt

The secret place where you lay

Your death was mine

But now you're in my fray

You fight to be fine

I'm sorry I killed you

When I was just a fool

Practising what you knew

You knew me drawing in a pool

And you knew the Butterfly Project

You knew that I tried

When my tissue was flecked

Of my blood  when I died

I tried to stop self-harm

You knew my dark side

No more scars on my arm

That's the words of my pride


  • J'ai un peu de mal avec l'anglais, mais de ce que j'en ai compris, ce poème est douloureux, sombre, mais touchant.

    · Ago almost 5 years ·
    Vava wlw


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