Dumped for New Twingo !


photo story script - New Twingo

- Pitch -

A young woman is bored in a limo, stuck in an hold-up, when a New Twingo arrives by her side with a sparkling and joyful female driver (just like the car itself)… while everything seems monotonous in the limo. The two young women look at each other and exchange signs of complicity to finally end both in the front of New Twingo, while the boyfriend of the one who was sitting in the limo has been dumped, looking all sheepish in the car behind.

- Scene 1 -


Inside – day – limo


A very classy couple (fancy sober clothes, impeccable hairstyles) is sitting in the back of a limo. The man (front view, left side) is smiling in a pretentious and haughty manner. The young woman (front view, right side) seems bored and is daydreaming, looking through the open window. In the car, you can see half empty champagne glasses, an open chocolate box, a touchpad displaying a classical music piece…


- Scene 2 -


Outside – day – Champs Élysées


The limo is stuck in a hold-up on the Champs Elysées avenue. The yellow New Twingo arrives by its side, on the right side (front view scene). Pop music notes are flying away from it. Behind the steering wheel, a sparkling young woman dressed with colorful clothes, a young and untidy hairstyle, wearing sunglasses. She is singing very loud.

- Scene 3 -


Inside – day – New Twingo


The female driver of New Twingo turns her head towards the young woman in the limo and asks her to smile (making a smile on her own face with her two index fingers).


- Scene 4 -


Outside – day – Champs Élysées


The young woman in the limo begins to smile while looking at New Twingo and its female driver.


- Scene 5 -


Outside – day – Champs Élysées


The young woman in the limo holds one of her arms through the limo's open sunroof, and waves her hand in a friendly way at New Twingo's driver.


- Scene 6 -


Outside – day – Champs Élysées


New Twingo's driver has opened her own sunroof and waves her hand back in a friendly way at the young woman in the limo, with a complicity-full wink.


- Scene 7 -


Outside – day – Champs Élysées


New Twingo slips easily and cleverly in a small space left by a car in front of the limo.


- Scene 8 -


Outside – day – Champs Élysées


(side view scene) The young woman of the limo has taken place by the side of New Twingo's driver, in car's front passenger seat. Both women are singing very loud. Behind them, in his limo, the dumped man looks sheepishly at the empty place on his side, still trying to understand what just happened.

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