Oh waves of rain !

Jay M Tea

Un texte soumis à publication pour un magazine de Brooklyn. Il n'a pas été pris mais allez voir les deux autres (bientôt trois...) . Le lien du magazine est dans la colonne de droite de ma page

Oh waves of rain! I adore the cold of your kiss on my freezing cheeks. Hold me tight and suck up the heat out of my brains. Cool me down and swallow me up. Brush my hat and hair and skull and spine and feet and roots. Drown me in your foam. Bleech me and turn me happy and blind.

Oh waves of rain! Cheer me up when I feel blue. In my dreams you can come true. Ignore the skies and fill up the earth and clouds. Turn the salt into tears of joy from the oceans you beat against the cliffs where no one has survived. Let the world know that I can make it alone. Let the universe know that the pain will stop. Take the sweat from my hands and the blood from my heart. These are my offerings. And this is all I have to give except the words I transpire when without you I desire nothing but more water.

The remedy against you is even more of you. I'll be the strength I'll drain from your compassion and I'll shine from the inside. Like the push and pull of the moon, hand in hand, day by day, we'll build a world made of ancient rain and brand new light! There will be wonders and there will be freedoom.

We'll split up for fun and I'll dance for you with radiant enchanted feet. You'll hide behind mountains and I'll hunt for you with broad smiles spreading from one side of the planet to the other. I'll paint a rainbow on my forehead with archaic crushed beautiful pearls mixed with spit and I'll kiss the rocks and trees and beasts with it. That will be the call for you and you'll come and we'll fuse into wisdom.

Oh waves of rain! Don't leave me now. Tomorrow they say you'll stop falling. Tomorrow I'll know that this was all in my head. And they'll say it's fine but I know it won't be until we meet again, on my way home after a day emprisoned in my own head full of false reality and money making and TV and politics and hatred.

Oh waves of rain! You're the reason why I can't cry.

Oh... rain! This is hard for me to say...

...I love you.

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