Serial killers don't mind denying - the electric chair negation

Jay M Tea

Un autre texte, indépendant du premier de la série "Serial killers don't mind..." mais dans la même trempe.

           I mourned your loss even more longer than I expected. My heart is still rotting slowly as I tend to make my brains pretend my guilt has been proved. But there is this noise inside my head spreading cautiously through the void of atom oceans pouring in torrents through my veins ; it's pulsing and dancing with its knuckle like waves beating and pounding against my nerves and muscles and bones, arms wide open to scream with horror ! What have I done ? Deep down I know there is some pieces of evidence shattered away under the carpet. This can't be true. I AM NOT GUILTY !

          Every time I step outside of the cell I cry my heart from the inside out and witness that very scene all over again like a never-ending 8 montage rolling all over the back of my head where the beat goes on and on too as if something else than my need to cry needed to break through too ; could it be the tiny little burst of nothing warming up the void of the alibi I have been given ? I SWEAR TO GODS THAT I AM NOT GUILTY !

          The third time, he had to die, for the Heart of Things beats three times and disappear. It's magical ! The BEAST IS FREE !  

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