Serial killers don't mind falling in love - This Hell of a spell

Jay M Tea

Cet extrait provient d'une série de textes écrits qui font partie d'un projet qui porte le même nom que le titre ci-dessus. Le journal intime d'un serial killer amoureux. (photo: dessin de Bale 2008)

" I should have killed us both. I knew it was impossible to survive but I was wrong. Our souls are better than that. I could guess and feel that damned bus shrieking, imploding and sparkling to eventually explode into billions of shattered naked galaxies which atoms solidified the entire frozen trail of rainbow-tears from my eyes and heart and orphan arms to footsteps of yours tracing back up to your own eyes and soul and smiles all erased for ever.
" We knew and experienced Death in that goodbye. Yet our chain of prisms linking us sometimes vibrates from your side of the world while on mine life again rises proudly and I can feel your presence and there I am on the other side of the screen, reborn from Time and Space, smiling with a kind heart burning up in my chest that your digital wires and fingers would like to taste and electrify. I can feel it resonating and beeping from where I cannot savor you.
" It's a circle of mad self-inflicted thoughts I am entrapped in since the day we split up and bound until death became your friend and enemy. I survived with arms ravished. Setting foot on unknown streets to fear and conquer and loath squatting in the corner of somewhere not appropriate, I kiss my wounded feet. Where can I go now? Whistling with the wind blowing through the door, on my back I think of you every second.
" How many never ending hours until my heart would stop beating under such pain and insatiable blood boiling in the mud of an imaginary dreamworld waiting in its cocoon where we would fit inside together.
" Touch the sun and kiss the rain.
" Remain that cold tomb rotting in vain without me.
" Goodbye my love. "

If it hadn't been for love, I would not be as crazy as I am today. Haha-Haha!

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