Shut your whole body down

Jay M Tea

poème - écrit en mai 2012

There is a chill in

the air that

keeps whispering

to me,

petting my hair

gently, running down

my spine to burst in

my pants.

The kind of chill that cools and

shut your whole body down.

It's you facing your own death

and letting go your utopian

connection to the universe.

You are nothing but a tiny bubbling pale spark of light.

Popping your way out in the cosmos,

you find your place in the emptiness of time

and space to settle down

and cry with joy.

Oh victory! Oh glorious day! I made it! I made it OUT!

I have no fear now.

A veil shrouds your eyes,

catching a spell on your consciousness

– no memories left behind.

Pure annihilation that finally out of breath

let it out and

spat it out and

vomited its true wild unfixed uncharged mysteries and

dreams like nightmares and

nightmares like dreams in

daylight bursting into

flames of powerful rage and

a destructive middle finger.

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