Standing in the storm

Estelle Demontrond Box

Standing in the storm with my eyes closed,

I am Medusa turning myself to stone;

Expecting to stop breathing as my heart turns cold, 

I am giving up, I am losing all hope. 

Then, you.


Suddenly  life is worth breathing,  

Suddenly the wild winds start clearing,

I can feel the warm sun on my flushed cheeks,

My heart settles and gently finds its peace.

The horizon is filled with thousand sparks;

You smile at me and everything becomes reachable.

Together we can travel the world and cross the five oceans;

Together we can build a haven no one can ruin.

You look at me and the future is shining. 

Your smiling eyes turn me into a goddess with no fear and no flaw.

I am mesmerised;

I want time to freeze and never stop,

So that we can be one another's till the end of times. 

  • I'm the clouds and I travel with you, Medusa !

    · Ago 29 days ·
    Another flying machine     ( zouing machine)


  • The end of fire, maybe the end on tire...the level or a dream can be the featururing for cancel? ;0)

    · Ago about 1 month ·


    • sorry, featuring to angel ;0))

      · Ago about 1 month ·


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