The middle of the night

Enoca Perry

She is unable to eat anything.
There is nothing inside anymore;
Just holes;
Black holes in her head,
And her heart and her womb.
She is empty;
She feels empty.
She is sleepless.
The few minutes she has got
Are full of darkness and nightmares.
She wakes up in the middle of the night;
Every night.
She is sweating,
She is losing her breath.
She is keeping her eyes closed.
There are some monsters
In her mind;
She cannot let them out.
She cannot let the dark
Side of herself out.
She would be nothing anymore;
She would die.
The world would be destroyed
Because of the monster
She released.
That is the second step of the night.
Tears and tears;
Tears of sadness,
Tears of anger,
Tears of  not knowing what is happening.
She tries to reach the bathroom;
A shower should be peaceful.
It is  and it is not.
Water calms her body down,
But the place itself,
Reminds her of the fear
She felt when she was alone in the dark.
Finally, she turns back to her bed;
She turns back to her dreadful space.
She hopes to find some sleep
Until the dawn.
She hopes it is all a dream,
That will stop the next day.
But it is not.
It all begins again,
Over and over again.
Nightmares and tears,
Sadness and fright;
She yells in the middle of the night.
All nights.

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