This Blue Ball

Emmanuel Turlay

I'll sing myself to sleep when summer is gone,
Above the sirens in my head,
Above the hammer that pounds down.

I'll tear the curtains down and go live on the run,
Cause there's so much I haven't read,
So many temples I haven't found.

And if I run into a faded picture, trip on a tambourine,
I'll make sure you know what I mean.
And if I run into your selfish sister, hooked on her self-esteem,
I'm sure we both know what I mean.

Cause I wanna see it all,
The world becomes, my secret hideaway.
I'm gonna throw it all, against the wall,
And take the high road out of this shit hole.
And when the end is near, I'll sleep all day,
Safe in the knowledge that this blue ball is my home.

I'll write a bunch of songs and I'll wander away,
Cause there's so much I haven't said,
So many pebbles I've left unturned.
A laptop and a guitar is all I really need,
To entertain my brain,
And speak a voice only I can hear.

And if I run into a déjà vu of the life I set aside,
I hope I manage to crack a smile.
And if I bump into a new obsession choking me outta breath,
I hope I manage to digress.

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