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Les paroles des chansons que j'écris.

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    A Beautiful Life
    Emmanuel Turlay

    Paper-white skin, warm beer and a fag, Packed along the edge of the pond. Trying to forget winter left with a lag, Darkened what was left of our bl...

    29 April · Lyrics · certifier

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    Now I See
    Emmanuel Turlay

    I was fucking blind, I couldn't see a bloody thing, Eating up my soul was the eternity within. I was so damn sure the road ahead was straight and n...

    12 February · Lyrics · Love and romance

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  • Bluefrog
    This Blue Ball
    Emmanuel Turlay

    I'll sing myself to sleep when summer is gone, Above the sirens in my head, Above the hammer that pounds down. I'll tear the curtains down and go l...

    11 February · Lyrics · Travel

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