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Rock'n'roll geek. Lead dev. @ WeLoveWords.

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  • Bluefrog
    Trivial Things
    Emmanuel Turlay

    I don't know where I'm going, But wherever the wind's blowing, I'll keep my head up and smile at trivial things. I don't know where I'm heading, Bu...

    13 December · Lyrics · Philosophy

    newspaper 484 · community 4.0

  • November 2011 by kriegs d4e8baw
    Emmanuel Turlay

    November Is the worst month of the year, Is when I need you most my dear, When the sun hardly shows, When insanity grows, When you wanna curl up in...

    28 November · Poem · Emotions

    newspaper 566 · community 4.4

  • 63501 10151396593711915 1704869354 n orig
    A Beautiful Life
    Emmanuel Turlay

    Paper-white skin, warm beer and a fag, Packed along the edge of the pond. Trying to forget winter left with a lag, Darkened what was left of our bl...

    29 April · Lyrics · certifier

    newspaper 1006 · community 4.5

  • Lacs d estelat et det mail hautes pyrenees orig
    Instant Escape
    Emmanuel Turlay

    Meet me at the edge of the world, Where waterfalls go to die, And lost souls drown in style. Where you and I merge our lies, Until our sorrow melts...

    23 April · Poem · Love and romance

    newspaper 683 · community 4.3

  • Cms higgs event orig
    Testing The Seams
    Emmanuel Turlay

    While the machine is playing with beams  Dumping and squeezing, testing the seams  Boredom settles in for all the teams.  All night we wait, for no...

    22 April · Poem · certifier

    newspaper 454

  • Default document
    Pours down a storm
    Emmanuel Turlay

    Nature rebels on us, pours down a storm,  Depriving the machine of its cryo.  To her we are no more than a vain worm,  Peeling her down like a mast...

    17 April · Poem · Culture

    newspaper 660 · community 4.4

  • Cct12 10 07 orig
    Emmanuel Turlay

    When two beams meet, they hardly say please,  Hello, or other futilities.  Head-on they smash without much ado,  Mixing the quarks and the gluons t...

    15 April · Poem

    newspaper 629 · community 4.3

  • Ac983e8e873c11e282e122000a1f9aae 7 orig
    Quitter Paris
    Emmanuel Turlay

    Cette ville est un trou noir en devenir, Prête à engloutir dans la chaleur de ses bras. Chaque pleine lune, il est bon de la fuir, Lui rappeler que...

    20 March · Poem · Travel

    newspaper 956 · community 3.3

  • Default document
    Now I See
    Emmanuel Turlay

    I was fucking blind, I couldn't see a bloody thing, Eating up my soul was the eternity within. I was so damn sure the road ahead was straight and n...

    12 February · Lyrics · Love and romance

    newspaper 595 · community 4.1

  • Bluefrog
    This Blue Ball
    Emmanuel Turlay

    I'll sing myself to sleep when summer is gone, Above the sirens in my head, Above the hammer that pounds down. I'll tear the curtains down and go l...

    11 February · Lyrics · Travel

    newspaper 521

Emmanuel Turlay
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