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"Inspiration is all around us". This is the motto of TheStandArt, an independent website passionate about art and innovation that goes by the premise that art is not reserved solely for the elite art professionals.

Every day, the team of volunteer editors tracks down work by new artists, architects, photographers, people who create and travel, regardless as to whether they’re well known or anonymous, and shares their creations with all of you, and those sitting behind their screens looking forward to be inspired.

Have you ever been inspired by an artist or a place ?

The Standart and WeLoveWords offer you to share your most striking discovery by writing an article that presents your topic and how it was for you a source of inspiration. It can be a photographer, an illustrator, something about a particular place...

Articles can be written in French and / or English and should contain a maximum of 6000 caracters, including spaces.

We strongly believe that each subject can be interesting, as soon as it’s well defended by the author of the article: make your own stylish statement !

The five winners will be published by The Standart and will be invited to join the TSA's editorial team in order to contribute on a regular or ad hoc basis to write their own articles.


  • Your text should be written in English and contain a maximum of 6000 characters, including spaces

  • Several contributions are possible per participant


  • You have to subscribe to WeLoveWords to participate

  • Visit the contest page, click on the top right on " Enter Contest " and link your text to it


  • 26 February 2014: beginning of the contest

  • March 17, 2014 : End of the contest

  • Early April 2014 : announcement of the results


The contributions of the five winners will be published on the website of our partner and the authors will be invited to integrate the pool of recurring TheStandArt’s editors.


• Yvenat Baptiste, founder of TheStandArt

• Agathe Ramsamy, editor of TheStandArt

• The TSA’s editorial team: Emilie , Leila , Alizé , Virginia, Anthony , Laura ...

• Lucie Rico , Editorial Manager WeLoveWords

Good luck everyone !

3 contributions

  • Pen paper2
    The Inspiration Monster

    Hello. I am what is commonly called, for lack of a better word, eh... I, I am a blank page. That is, I used to be, just a couple of seconds ago. Se...

    16 March · Testimony · Others

    newspaper 1118 · community 4.3

  • Superkid
    The discovery.
    Christophe Paris

    Today I won't write about any famous artist. No. This time I want to share a great discover I made accidentally. 11h A.M, I was drinking a disgusti...

    9 March · Review · Culture

    newspaper 1951 · community 3.9