The discovery.

Christophe Paris

Today I won't write about any famous artist.


This time I want to share a great discover I made accidentally. 11h A.M, I was drinking a disgusting coffee from that old espresso machine at my job. The screen was on, and I was trying to understand twitter and its mysteries. Suddenly an unusual and beautiful drawing appears on the screen. Right away, I send a message to congratulate the author. After a few tweets, I decide to ask to the sender his agreement for this chronicle. He replies me with a link and then… BoOm… an eyegasm. This artist is amazingly talented, mature, smart and accurate, with a large range of works but… he is only 20 years old.

I was very impressed, by his drawings, paintings, photos, installations. This kid will go far, no doubts. Check his paintings on some injured pieces of wood, an intense work, rich of meanings and emotions. His drawings are so urban, sensitive, and full of life and critics. Everything seems to be so natural for him on every sides of his work. He already has a deep conscious of our world and gives it back to you like a punch in your face. Colours, frames, materials, burst you… He catches the quintessence of what we are, what we build, what we waste, what we do. All that work needs multiple skills and creativity, and he is loaded for sure. This kid, (I am sure he would kill me for that word), is an art machine launched as a high speed train, no one can stop him, and your brain is the victim attached on the rails. He is so talented that he probably started to learn arts before his birth. I am sure that he swallowed a Nikon for his first breakfast. Finding the right angle or moment seems to be an easy game for him. He likes the colours of life and the colours of people. However, I do not want to go too far in a deep analysis of his work because I want you to discover this fabulous guy. Of course, you will not like everything, not because it is less interesting, only because it is huge.

A small article for a big talent.

Here is the link, enjoy ! Click on every theme, you won't regret it.

Christophe Paris.

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